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Win Some, Lose Some

With the novella I finished last night, I met my 2023 reading goal of 61 books. Go me! I had mere seconds to bask in that achievement, as just below showing that achievement on my stats page, The StoryGraph informed me I’m only 73% complete with my pages goal of 25,000. “5,592 pages more until […]

Not Quite a Year in Books

I’ll likely finish a few more books before the year officially ends, but it’s close enough to 2023 to reflect on my 2022 reading. I gave up Goodreads this year in favor of just using StoryGraph, and I haven’t missed that part of the Amazon ecosystem. I haven’t double checked my data entry yet, but […]

A Year of Books

I just updated my book log (and my Goodreads and StoryGraph accounts) so I wouldn’t have to do an even bigger catch up at the end of the month. Last year, I read 116 books; this year, I’m at 76 and will probably finish in the 80s. What accounts for the drop? I’m not sure. […]

One Goal Achieved

I keep thinking I need to do a goal update entry, but then I think how little I’ve done compared to what I wanted to and put it off a bit longer. I have had one success, though: with the updates I just put into goodreads, I surpassed my goal of reading 57 books by […]

There’s Always Next Year

I didn’t do well at all with my goals for 2018. I didn’t set them until the end of January and haven’t done a check-in about my progress since the end of March. It’s been a busy year for me, with lots of travel (looking at my loyalty account with the hotel chain I stay […]

Goals: What Happened to February and March?

At the end of January, I made some goals for 2018 and set some milestones for what I’d do in February. Then I did a bunch of non-goal things, like skiing and going on a road trip that included more skiing (I’ve been on the slopes more days than I’ve ever gotten in a season […]

Taking a Mulligan for January

All month I’ve been telling myself I really should make some New Year’s resolutions. Now it’s a few hours until the first month of 2018 is over, and I still haven’t made a list of what I want to accomplish this year. I’ve been doing stuff, sure, some of which would apply to goals I […]

December Progress Report

At the beginning of this month, I listed the things I was going to do in the remaining weeks of the year to support my 2017 goals. Since it’s almost the end of the month, I’m going to go ahead and check-in to day with where I’m at. 1. Photo projects: I’m going to catch […]

I Kinda Remember Having Goals

At the beginning of 2017, I set some goals for myself. I revised them mid-year, then did a check-in for July, saying then that I was going to do what I could in August due to travel then reassess in early September. Ha. And also ha. But there’s one more month left of 2017 in […]

July Progress Report

When I did my goal progress report as of June, I revised some of my targets and set milestones for July. It’s time to see how I did. 1. I will participate in the photo a day and photo a week projects I signed up for on Flickr. The milestone for July was to catch […]

Progress Report as of June and Revised Plan

I haven’t checked in on my goals since mid-April. I blame a lot of that on being away from home, though when I examine that, I have to admit I wasn’t making checking in a priority when I wasn’t gone, as I knew I didn’t have much progress to report. I do let travel mess […]

February ’til Now Progress Report

I made some goals for this year, did a check-in on them at the end of January, and then dropped the ball. I’m going to pick it back up now and try to keep it in the air. 1. I will participate in the photo a day and photo a week projects I signed up […]

January Progress Report

I made some goals for the year, and now it’s time to see how I’ve been doing. 1. I will participate in the photo a day and photo a week projects I signed up for on Flickr. Yes. Done. The photos have been taken and uploaded and tagged and put the the proper places. I’m […]

Is 2017 Going to Be My Year?

As I was last year, I’m waffling on making formal resolutions. There’s so much I want to do; that’s not the issue. It’s the setting myself up for failure that’s holding me back. I pretty much didn’t do anything I set out to do last year. I’ve already written about falling far, far short of […]

Reading is Fun-damental

I just today finished updating my book log with the things I read during the last six weeks of last year. I’d set a goal at the beginning of the year to read 100 books, which seemed reasonable given the 70-something I read the year before. Unlike in 2012, when I did A to Z […]

2012 Projects

I did finish that last book I needed to finish my A-Z reading challenges for last year, so yay for me. I rolled over the book log today, as I had three books to enter for this year already (a day off plus insomnia makes for more reading time). I didn’t quite finish my photo […]

Whole Lotta Reading Goin’ On

Assuming I finish reading The Cat’s Table by Michael Ondaatje by midnight on New Year’s Eve, which seems likely, I’ll have achieved my goal of completing A to Z challenges for both titles and authors in 2012. Not all of the books were long or serious, but I’m good with that. I read mostly to […]

Report Card Tuesday, 11.22

I let this check-in slide until today rather than trying to jam it into yesterday because I was having a worse than usual Monday due to some trouble sleeping the night before (for no good reason that I could figure out). Last week’s progress: a. Lose two pounds. Done. I lost three. b. Increase weight […]

Report Card Monday 11.14

When I last checked in, I said I was going to take a couple weeks off but would still be doing stuff. Hah. Make that a month off and not doing much. I did a tiny bit of stuff at Distributed Proofreaders, and made some updates to Find a Grave, but that’s about it. Obviously […]

Report Card Monday 10.10

Last week’s progress: a. 4 x 400 two days. Nope. I start strong most days and then blow it at second lunch or dinner. I need a new plan, I think. Or a new brain. b. Run a little more than last week. Done. By some measures, I ran a lot more than last week, […]

Report Card Monday 10.03

Last week’s progress: a. 4 x 400 one day. That can’t be so hard, just one day of seven. Done. b. Run a little more than last week. Done. Walked more than last week, too. c. Complete backup discs for photos. Nope. Didn’t make any progress on this at all. d. Empty one box in […]

Report Card Monday on Wednesday

Last week’s progress: a. 4 x 400 plan at least five days or just lose a pound somehow. Nope. My head is just not in weight loss mode, and I don’t know what to do to get it there. At least I seem to have been able to stop getting fatter, so that’s something. b. […]

Report Card Monday, 9.19

Last week’s progress: a. 4 x 400 plan at least five days or just lose a pound somehow. Not done. Lost a pound as of Friday morning, but it came back over the weekend. b. Add one walking session to routine and no slacking on gym sessions. Done. c. Organize photo folders to be backed […]

Report Card Monday 9.12

Last week’s progress: a. 4 x 400 plan at least five days or just lose a pound somehow. Done. I’d lost three pounds as of yesterday morning and then re-gained two of them by this morning. I’m hoping that’s just a temporary side effect of my late and sodium-laden dinner last night, because I’m sure […]

Report Card Monday on a Tuesday

It’s tempting to let mini-goal setting go another week, what with the holiday yesterday, but I’m not going to give in. I’m also not going to report point by point against the last set of mini-goals I set, since I haven’t been keeping track of things that well. My weight has been pretty much holding […]

Report Card Monday 8.08

Last week’s progress: a. 4 x 400 plan at least 5 days. Done. As of Friday, I’d lost another two pounds, but all of that showed back up over the weekend. I know I didn’t eat an extra 7000 calories in those two days, so I’m hoping that this morning’s scale reading was just a […]

Report Card Monday 8.01

Here’s how I did on last week’s mini-goals: a. 4 x 400 plan at least 5 days. Not quite done. Thursday got a little wonky; it was more like 800 + (2 x 400). The weekend, as usual, was a challenge, especially Saturday, when I ended up having only two meals, but I’m not going […]

Report Card Monday 7.25

I got back on the goal wagon last week—easy to do since it was pretty much stopped dead at the side of the road so I didn’t have to run to catch up to it or anything—and here’s how I did on the mini-goals I set for myself: a. Grapefruit and protein diet Monday through […]

Hey, Remember When I Had Goals?

On January 3rd, I announced my goals for 2011: 1. Weigh less and move more. 2. Keep less and organize more. 3. Surf less and contribute more. In the seven months since then, I’ve pretty much ignored these goals. Sure, I’ve made some sporadic attempts to take baby steps in the direction I want to […]

Goal Wednesday, 11.24

Last week, I went to the gym, did some stuff at both Distributed Proofreaders and Find a Grave, and did not eat anything bigger than my head, so considering how very busy work has been I think that’s pretty good. Goals for this week: 1. Eat sensibly enough over the Thanksgiving holiday that pants can […]

Goal Wednesday, 11.17

So yeah, I skipped a check-in last week, since going on retreat meant I really lost momentum. (It didn’t have to be that way; in past years, I’ve gone for runs/walks while on retreat, but this time I did not.) I haven’t completely abandoned my goals though—I’ve been to the gym, and did some pages […]

Goal Wednesday, 11.03

So much for getting back into the swing of things by lowering the bar on my goals for last week. I did meet my exercise target, but fell short on everything else. Work has been crazy busy, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to change much any time soon, so I’m going to need […]

Goal Wednesday, 10.27

So yeah, because of vacation I didn’t get much done on my goals in the last couple weeks. I did do plenty of walking while touring the parks, so that’s something, and I returned to the gym this morning (even remembered both the combination to my locker lock and my PIN to get into FitLinxx). […]

Goal Thursday, 10.14

I ended up having a much busier day yesterday than I’d expected thanks to getting pulled into a customer demo of a module I don’t work with very often, so Goal Wednesday is a day late. Not that I have a ton to report, really. I did not keep a food diary. I did do […]

Goal Wednesday, 10.06

I skipped doing a check-in last week because I was sick and didn’t want to make myself feel worse by going over how little I’d gotten done. I’m still not back to 100% but didn’t want to let it go another week, so here I am. My diet has pretty much been awful; left to […]

Goal Wednesday, 9.22

How the heck is it Wednesday again already? This past week was not stellar one as far as goal achievement. I did keep track of my food intake for the most part, but that intake included quite a few things that in no way fit into the 4 x 400 plan. Exercise, surprisingly, continues to […]

Goal Wednesday, 9.15

Taking last week off from goal check-in was not my best idea ever, since it meant that I was not keeping myself accountable for two weeks (the week before I skipped check-in and the week after). Predictably, I got less done in those two weeks—well, when it came to eating, I got way more done, […]

Goal Wednesday, 8.25

1. Stick to the 400 x 4 plan as much as possible. I wasn’t as diligent about this as I’d hoped to be (and my efforts were not helped in any way by the installation of a freezer full of free ice cream treats at work), yet today I am a pound lighter than I […]

Goal Wednesday, 8.18

1. Stick to the 400 x 4 plan as much as possible. Still plateaued. 2. Weight work twice; aerobics twice. Done. 3. Weed through some container, any container—box, bag, cupboard, drawer. Not technically a container, but I did clean out my work e-mail inbox, my Yahoo mail inbox, and my gmail inbox, each of which […]

Goal Wednesday, 8.11

1. Stick to the 400 x 4 plan as much as possible. Still stuck on a weight plateau and trying to be patient. 2. Weight work twice; aerobics twice. Done. 3. Clean out backpack. Done. 4. Weed through some container, any container—box, bag, cupboard, drawer. Done; I chose the coat cubbie in my office, which […]

Goal Wednesday, 8.04

1. Stick to the 400 x 4 plan as much as possible. Still not doing quite as well with this as I need to be, but at least I didn’t gain any weight this week. 2. Weight work twice; aerobics twice. Done. 3. Handle mail on the day it comes in. Done. 4. Clean out […]

Goal Wednesday, 7.28

1. Stick to the 400 x 4 plan as much as possible. Doing just barely okay here; still a little heavier than my recent low of two weeks ago. 2. Weight work twice; aerobics twice. Yes. Neither aerobics session was quite as long as the week before, which was a conscious choice because the weather […]

Goal Wednesday, 7.21

1. Stick to the 400 x 4 plan as much as possible. I slipped a bit here and gained a little weight back; I am hoping that most of that is just water retention, because I did have more sodium than usual. My big indulgence was a friend’s 50th birthday celebration, and I don’t regret […]

Goal Wednesday, 7.14

1. Stick to the 400 x 4 plan as much as possible. I’m continuing to do pretty well here; I’m down a pound from last week. At some point, I’ll need to work on improving the quality of what I’m eating, but right now I’m sticking with what’s working for me. 2. Weight work twice; […]

Goal Wednesday, 7.07

1. Stick to the 400 x 4 plan as much as possible. Considering there was a three-day holiday weekend in here, a holiday that calls for fried chicken and potato salad and other picnic food, I did okay, ending up the week where I’d started weight-wise. 2. Weight work twice; aerobics twice. Weights, yes. Aerobics, […]

Goal Wednesday, 6.30

There were no goals for last week, or the week before, but I of course did things. I gained weight on vacation and have since lost most of it again, ending up just about where I was the last time I did a goal check-in. I returned to the gym after being gone and got […]

Goal Wednesday, 6.02

Last week was a better week than the one that preceded it. My goals: 1. Stick to the 400 x 4 plan as much as possible. Good news here—I lost two pounds this past week, which is great for a normal week but super fantastic for a week that included a holiday. I love that […]

Goal Wednesday, 5.26

This wasn’t one of my better weeks achievement-wise, but not writing about it won’t make it any better, so here we go. My goals for last week: 1. Stick to the 400 x 4 plan as much as possible. I thought I did okay here, despite another day of conference buffets, but the scale says […]

Goal Wednesday, 5.19

My goals for last week: 1. Stick to the 400 x 4 plan as much as possible. I did pretty well here, especially considering I had to navigate a day at my company’s user conference during which there were four buffets—breakfast, morning break, lunch, afternoon break. I even ended up losing a pound and a […]

Goal Wednesday, 5.12

My goals for last week: 1. Stick to the 400 x 4 plan as much as possible. I got rather off track on Saturday, though I did refrain from trying everything on the buffet at the party, which was a small victory of sorts. My scale this morning was bouncing between last week’s weight and […]

Goal Wednesday, 5.05

My mini-goals for the last week: 1. Stick to the 400 x 4 plan as much as possible. I did pretty well with this, and lost another pound, for a total of five in three weeks. 2. Get into the gym twice for weights and outside twice for some aerobic exercise. Got to the gym […]

Goal Wednesday, 4.28

Oh my, it’s been three months since I last did a goal check-in. That was some malaise. But now I’m feeling better, ready to get back on the goal horse and re-join MizB and the other New Beginnings participants. Since it’s been so long, let’s take a look at what my goals for the year […]

Goal Wednesday, 2.03

It’s time to report on how I did on the weekly sub-goals I set for myself last Wednesday. 1. Keep a food log every day. Did this. It wasn’t incredibly detailed, but I did jot down everything I ingested except gum and water. It’s clear from that that I need more non-lettuce vegetables in my […]

Goal Wednesday, 1.27

On the first Wednesday of 2010, I set my goals for the year and joined MizB’s New Beginnings event. The next Wednesday, I was on vacation in Idaho so didn’t update. The Wednesday after that, I figured there was no point in updating since I’d been gone the whole week before and didn’t have anything […]

New Beginnings

One year ago, I made three resolutions for 2009: 1. Weigh less and move more. 2. Keep less and organize more. 3. Surf less and contribute more. Followers of my Flickr stream will already know that part one of resolution one was a fail. I was somewhat more successful at part two of resolution one, […]

November Check-In

As I mentioned in my last check-in, I didn’t have high hopes for making solid progress on my big goals in November since I didn’t get around to making any small goals for the month until after I’d spent the first two weeks mostly slacking (outside of work—maybe the secret to achieving my personal goals […]

Very Belated October Check-In

I was very tempted to skip doing a check-in this month, what with it being halfway into the next month already and not having much good news to report for October anyway, but in the interests of keeping myself from getting even farther off track here I am. Since I didn’t set any specific goals […]

September Check-In

Time once again to review how I did on my goals last month. 1. Weigh less and move more. I said I’d go to the gym 6 times; I went 7, and thus lifted 18.4 elephant equivalents in September, up from 15. 7 in August, which is pretty good considering I was out of town […]

Belated August Check-In

I got so distracted by work (we switched to new database servers for our production system a full week earlier than planned which meant lots of testing and some weekend work over the Labor Day holiday) and the condo purchase (many e-mails and phone calls and forms related to the mortgage and inspection and insurance […]

July Check-In

Time to see how I did on the admittedly modest goals I set for myself last month. 1. Weigh less and move more. I said I’d go to the gym 8 times. I did. According to FitLinxx, I lifted 21.8 elephant equivalents in July, up from 20.7 in June. What their e-mail didn’t tell me […]

June Check-In

I haven’t gotten my elephant-lifting e-mail for June yet but found the report available when I logged onto the FitLinxx site today, so a checking-in I will go. 1. Weigh less and move more. Last month, I set a couple of sub-goals in this area. I was going to go to the gym 8 times. […]

May Check-In

I was waiting to do this entry until I got my elephant-lifting e-mail, and today was the day. 1. Weigh less and move more. Once again, I finished a month not weighing any less than the month before. That’s discouraging, but given that I didn’t weigh any more either, it could have been worse. I […]

Not Quite So Belated Check-In

Today, an update on progress toward my goals since my last self-administered report card. 1. Weigh less and move more. I do not weigh less. I seem to have completely lost touch with the part of me that can stick to an eating plan or for more than a day or two, unless the eating […]

Two Months Gone

As is often the case when I skip goal check-ins, I haven’t made much progress since I did my last one in the beginning of February. I was very tempted to not do one for another month, since it’s already a week into April, plus I’m crankier than normal because I’m on day two of […]

One Month In

Good news! It’s one month into the new year, and I have not yet given up on all my resolutions. Let’s see how much progress I’ve made since the last time I did a goal check-in, shall we? 1. Weigh less and move more. I set these weekly sub-goals for this one: log everything I […]

Week One in the Books

I had a nice post-Holidailies break, consisting of work, working out, shoveling snow, shoveling more snow, and knitting. Now it is time to write again, if only to keep myself honest about progress toward my goals. I don’t plan to do updates about them every week, but now, when I am working at getting myself […]

Three is a Magic Number

I set two goals for 2008: 1. Weigh less and move more. 2. Keep less and organize more. I haven’t done a check-in on my progress since early October, so before I get het up about what I want to do in 2009, I think it makes sense to take do a final report card […]

September Check-In

August was a step in the right direction goal-wise, and I really hoped to build on that during September, and I guess in some ways I did but it sure feels like I could have done a lot better. Weigh less and move more: I weigh about the same as I did at the end […]

Pre-Holiday Check-In

August was better than July from a goal achievement perspective. Not my best month ever, not even close, but considering the summer doldrums all around, I’m pretty pleased with where I’m at. Weigh less and move more: I do weigh less now than I did at the end of July, which means I’m back to […]

Goodbye July

At the beginning of this month, I was looking forward to being less busy I’d been in June and thinking that would mean better progress on my goals. That so did not turn out to be the case. I was less busy, yes; I didn’t leave the state or have any overnight visitors, for instance. […]

V. Busy

Since I wrote my last entry here, I did manage to sort out and format and tag and label the pictures I took at the quilt show and put them in a set on Flickr. I still intend to go through the cemetery pictures from my trip, but haven’t gotten around to that project yet […]

May Check-In

Time once again to share/confess how I’m doing on my goals for the year. Weighing less? Yes! As of this morning, I was down five pounds from my last check-in and fourteen pounds down for the year so far. I didn’t really get on track with my diet until mid-month, when I turned to the […]

April Check-In

Weighing less? Not really. My low weight this month was 11 pounds less than I started the year, but then I ate and ate and ate last weekend and gained five (and a half!) pounds. A couple of those weekend pounds are still hanging around, so as of this morning, I was only a half […]

March Check-In

Weight: I’m bummed to report that this morning I weighed exactly the same as I did on February 29th. At one point this month, I weighed two pounds less than this, which only adds to the bummed-ness. Though at another point, I weighed a pound and a half more, so I guess I should be […]

Leap Day Check-In

It’s time once again for me to step up and share my progress (or lack of same) on my goals since my last check-in. Do I weigh less? Yes. I’m down a total of eight and a half pounds since January 1st. I’m not exactly setting records for losing, but considering I was on vacation […]

So Far, So Not That Great

It’s been almost a month since I set my goals for this year, so I’ve decided it’s time to share my progress (or lack thereof) to get some sense of accountability going. Follow up is key. In the department of weigh less and move more, I have some limited success to report. As of this […]


Writing about my goals has always been a part of this journal, which in a way is unfortunate because it’s very easy for me to search the archives and see how little I’ve accomplished. I’ve done stuff, sure, but there’s plenty I didn’t do or did and then let slide so it didn’t stay done. […]

Messy is as Messy Does

I just finished reading A Perfect Mess, which is subtitled “The Hidden Benefits of Disorder–How Crammed Closets, Cluttered Offices, and On-the-Fly Planning Make the World a Better Place”. Just reading that on the cover when I saw it in the new non-fiction section at the library made me feel good. I have crammed closets! I […]

On Goals and the Lack Thereof

I’ve been thinking about goals more than usual lately, maybe because it’s September and the fresh start back to school energy is buzzing all around me even though I’m not going back myself. It’s a bit discouraging to read earlier entries I’ve written about goals because while I have made some changes and gotten some […]

Miscellaneous Monday

I would very much like to curl up under my desk and take a nap right now. No, that’s not quite right. I would very much like to get in my car and go home right now and get some stuff done so when bedtime rolls around I might actually go to sleep instead of […]

Joining the Crowd

Here I am, back after indulging in some post-Holidailies slacking. Nudged by Lil, I signed up at SparkPeople to track my eating and exercise, with an eye toward starting 2008 lighter and fitter than I’m starting 2007. Yeah, I know making a New Year’s resolution to eat less and move more is cliché and possibly […]

A New Year Just Begun

My personal goal year ended last Friday. I haven’t been writing about my goals–my last check-in was back in June–because there just hasn’t been that much activity to report on. But I am not giving up. I still think having goals is a good thing, and maybe this year will be the year I achieve […]

Marking Period 3

Another month gone, another goal check-in to be done. Body. The bad news is I gained two and a half pounds in the first two weeks of June. The good news is I was able to stop there and go on to lose six pounds in the last two weeks of the month. That net […]

Marking Period 2, Featuring a Trip to the Zoo

A whole month has gone by since my last check-in–how can that be? I haven’t gotten four weeks’ worth of stuff done, for sure. Body. I lost a grand total of half a pound in May. Miniscule as that achievement is, it’s still better than April’s results. Except when my instructor or I were out […]

Marking Period 1

A new goal year is a new opportunity to see if doing monthly check-ins will lead to greater success. Starting now, only a couple days late. Body. The bright spot in a sea of darkness here is that since mid-April, I’ve been going to two Nia classes a week instead of one. Other than that, […]

Letter to Myself

Dear Karen, I’ve just spent most of a weekend–and some non-trivial time each of the several days before that–reorganizing your fabric stash. I couldn’t quite finish the job to my satisfaction, but it’s in much, much better shape than the chaos you had let it slide into. Having touched and moved the majority of the […]

Goals? What Goals?

One of the reasons I started this journal was to declare my goals and track my progress toward them. I did pretty well with that for the first two years, but for the goal year ended March 31, 2005 (I still write like an accountant sometimes, don’t I?) I pretty much sucked in a bad […]

Taking Stock

Especially for an accountant like me (is it odd that I still self-identify as an accountant even though my business card has said “application developer” for more than five years now? I guess that’s an entry all in itself), the first of the month is a natural time to stop and reflect on the period […]


AlphaBytes ends today, and I’m feeling pangs of regret because I didn’t do as much as I wanted with it. In that way, it feels like a typical Sunday night, when I look at my to do list for the weekend with so many items still left on it and wonder where the time went. […]

One Month Gone

Yes, it’s time once again to compare my actions to my goals and see where the gaps are. By the calendar, it’s a little past time, what with it already being Cuatro de Mayo, though since I didn’t finalize my goals until Cuatro de Abril perhaps I’m not behind at all. As expected, I’m quilting […]

Annual Review

My goal year ended last Wednesday. I didn’t finish strong. Let’s review how I did compared to what I set out to do: Goal #1: I weigh no more than 150 pounds and feel fit, strong, and healthy. Ha! On Wednesday morning, I weighed 167. That’s up 6 and a half from last month and […]

Goal Check-in: Month 11

It feels like I just did a goal check in. How could a whole month have gone by already? How could I have gotten so little done? (Well, yes going away for a week might have something to do with that, and then there’s that pesky work thing, which is gobbling up more of my […]

Goal Check-in: Month 10

January was the first month of the fourth quarter of my current goal year. (Why yes, I did spend years doing quarterly reports as a corporate accountant worker bee; slicing things up into three-month segments gets to be habit after a while.) By now, I have a pretty good idea how the year is going […]

Belated Check-In

I could have written entries these last five days and thus not fallen so far behind the Holidailies crowd (the collab has gone into bonus time again this year), but instead I was enjoying a very long weekend relaxing at home. It was such luxury to have five days to do what I normally try […]

Weekly Update

It’s time once again to report on my weekly goals. This more frequent check in plan seemed like such a good idea two weeks ago when I started it. Now, it seems like a crazy thing to do in a month that has holiday hoopla and a vacation added to the normal everyday stuff. Yet […]

Weekly Report Card

A week ago, I declared that December was going to be a better month than November had been as far as my achievement of personal goals went because this month I was going to have weekly mini-goals to keep me on track. Now it’s time to grade my performance. First, I promised I would write […]

Goal Check-In: Month 8

I cleverly avoided having to do a goal check-in for October by leaving the country. This month, I have no good reason not to do one. Not accomplishing much is not a good reason. I wish it were. I wish I could go back and redo October and November so I’d have more progress to […]

Checking In

It being the beginning of the month, it’s time for a goal check-in. Except, just like last month, I don’t want to do a goal check-in because I haven’t done much. My major accomplishments for September were going back to work (it’s been one month today) and getting the last bit of my incision healed […]

Back to Work Check-In

This is my third day back in the office. On Tuesday morning, I woke up really anxious, not quite to the point of being nauseated but not too far from it, either. That seemed very strange. Why the butterflies? It’s just work. I’ve been to work before, lots of times. I wasn’t going to have […]

Goal Check-In: Month 4

This check-in is late because I decided to give myself a three-day grace period for July, one day for each I spent in the hospital. That seemed fair. Besides, working on my goals is a lower priority right now since I’m focusing on healing. The stuff I can’t do now can just wait until I’m […]

Goal Check-In: Month 3

Since I’m not expecting to do anything on the last day of June that will significantly change my success in meeting my goals for this month, I’m doing an early check-in. I’m still struggling with my body goal. I’m not as light as I want to be or working out as often. There were a […]

Goal Check-in: Month 2

Another month gone, so it’s time to take stock. Did I do what I set out to do? In short: no, yes, yes, and kinda. On the body front, I’m slipping. I’ve been slipping for weeks now. I kept hoping to reign it back in, not have to write this, but nope, didn’t happen that […]

Before the Information Superhighway

In my last entry, I somehow failed to mention an important part of my plan to end my goal year with a better organized, less stuffed with stuff house than I live in now: tackling the clippings. I learned at my mother’s knee to tear things out of magazines to save for future reference (remember, […]

Goal Check-In: Month 1

I’ve had my shiny new goals for a month now. Just putting them out there and hoping to achieve them is not enough. I need a plan, I really do. Last year’s results make that clear enough. I did best on those goals where I had the clearest, most detailed ideas about what I needed […]

Goals – Checking In & Moving On

My personal goal year ends today, so it’s time for another check-in. Not a lot has changed since my last review, but I need closure. Also, looking at what I’ve done and failed to do is a good preparation for setting goals for next year. Goal #1 – Body: I declared success on this one […]

Goal Check-In #6

It’s been about eight weeks since my last check-in, and I’ve got about eight weeks to go in my goal year, so it’s time for another self-assessment. Now that I’m done going on vacation for a while, I should be able to get back to work in the areas that need some attention. Goal #1 […]

Goal Check-In #5

It’s been more than six weeks since my last goal check-in, so it’s once again time to publicly review how I’m doing. The next couple months are going to be super busy for me, so I have the feeling that this is as good as it’s going to get until the frenzy passes. (“But Karen,” […]

Goal Check-In #4

It’s been about six weeks since I did my last goal check-in. Now is a good time to look at it again, since I have six or seven weeks now before our next trip, a nice long interval in which to refocus on the things I said I wanted to accomplish this year. Goal #1 […]

Goal Check-In #3

It’s been about two months since I last did my last check-in, so it’s once again time to review where I am with my goals for the year ending March 31, 2003. Goal #1 – Body: I’m glad to report that I’ve lost the weight I gained during Mr. Karen’s birthday week and the family […]

Goal Check-In #2

Three months into my goal year and about six weeks since my last goal review, it’s time to take stock again. Goal #1 – Body: The day after getting home from vacation is not a good time to look at this one. As of this morning, I am up five pounds from my recent low. […]


One of the reasons I started making entries for this journal on April 1st was that day was the start of my goal year. I turned 40 on March 16th, and after two weeks of partying, I was ready to buckle down and start making my next decade a good one, so I set some […]

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