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Goal Wednesday, 10.06

October 6, 2010

I skipped doing a check-in last week because I was sick and didn’t want to make myself feel worse by going over how little I’d gotten done. I’m still not back to 100% but didn’t want to let it go another week, so here I am. My diet has pretty much been awful; left to my own devices, I’d probably try to live on rice and cheese, bread and butter, and pie and candy (including ice wine, which is pretty much candy in a glass). Fortunately Mr. Karen is around to feed me fruits and veg. I struggled through a couple of weight workouts at the gym when I was first getting sick, but just haven’t been feeling up to doing anything since Friday. I even took a sick day yesterday and actually rested instead of trying to work from home (as is the Purple Systems way). I did manage to clean out one desk drawer, so I suppose that counts as decluttering, and I did do some pages at DP, so that made productive use of time that I could have spent watching cat videos. I am hoping now that I’m not feeling feverish anymore I can get back on track.

Goals for this week:

1. Keep a food diary.
2. Weight work twice; aerobics twice.
3. Weed through some container, any container—box, bag, cupboard, drawer.
4. Do a page a day at DP and a photo or memorial a day at Find A Grave.
5. Do ten post processing steps on an American Missionary issue.


This post is part of New Beginnings Wednesdays.

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  1. MizB Says:

    Awww! {{hugs}} Hope you’re feeling better really soon, Karen! Don’t you worry… take what time you need to feel better, ’cause there’s really no use pushing yourself when you’re sick. You’ll be back to it in no time. 😉


  2. lisa-marie Says:

    I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well – it sucks to get thrown off track like that. Good for you, though for not pushing yourself and for resting and giving your body time to recover! You’ll bounce back faster and be better than ever!

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