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Week One in the Books

January 12, 2009

I had a nice post-Holidailies break, consisting of work, working out, shoveling snow, shoveling more snow, and knitting. Now it is time to write again, if only to keep myself honest about progress toward my goals. I don’t plan to do updates about them every week, but now, when I am working at getting myself into a groove, I think it makes sense.

1. Weigh less and move more. I accomplished the baby steps I set for this first week. I wrote down everything I ate. Some of it illegibly, true, but I knew what I meant at the time I was writing, so that counts. I went to the gym twice. I ran once and rode the stationary bike twice. Bonus points: I did a Firm tape, a total of 35 minutes on the Fitter, and four short ab/stretch sessions (Firm 5-Day Abs & 5-Day Stretch segments). (And all that shoveling, which has got to count for something.) Steps for next week: log everything I eat into SparkPeople, run or bike twice (I’m babying a sore heel), gym twice.

2. Keep less and organize more. I didn’t quite make the grade here. With Mr. Karen’s help, I went through the rest of the digital pictures for 2007 that we hadn’t already sorted and figured out which ones we want to print. Yeah, I said 2007. That leaves all of 2008 to do; I started on those but there’s a long way to go because I take so freaking many pictures and do not weed them out as I go. I also did not get the 2007 ones archived onto CDs because the software I’m using frustrates me. Why must it make me wait 15 minutes while it figures out it can’t fit everything I’ve selected onto one disk? Math is hard? Anyway, my tasks this week will be to get 2007 onto as many CDs as it take and get the rest of 2008 ready to review with Mr. Karen. Bonus points if I get any prints made of things we’ve already sorted out.

3. Surf less and contribute more. I made myself a spreadsheet to track stuff in this area, which motivated me to do more than the two things I’d set out to do. I averaged over two pages proofed or formatted at Distributed Proofreaders and uploaded one project (granted, one I’d done the bulk of the work on before this week , but it counts). I also added pictures for eight memorials on Find A Grave and created two albums and left some comments on QuiltGroup. This week I want to: proof/format at least a page a day, upload at least seven memorial pictures, and add three albums.

Overall, I’d say it was a fine start.


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