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May 12, 2002

One of the reasons I started making entries for this journal on April 1st was that day was the start of my goal year. I turned 40 on March 16th, and after two weeks of partying, I was ready to buckle down and start making my next decade a good one, so I set some goals and thought tracking my path toward achieving them would be an appropriate thing to do in a journal. Then I never wrote the “here are my goals” entry. So, better late than never, here are the statements which I want to be true by March 31, 2003:

1. I am at goal weight and feel fit, strong, and healthy.
2. I have read at least a book a month.
3. I have completed at least seven quilts in the last year.
4. I live in a clean, organized, and harmoniously decorated home.
5. I have a fulfilling job that I do well.

So, how have I been doing these first six weeks?

Goal #1 – Body: I’ve lost 11 of the 39 pounds I want to get rid of, which is pretty good. I’ve exercised somewhat sporadically, so there’s room for improvement there.

Goal #2 – Mind: I’ve read two books in paper form and at least one on tape. I need to keep better track of this one, and maybe refine the goal, since it’s really easy to meet the standard I’ve set. But raising the bar will wait until I’m doing better at some of the other goals.

Goal #3 – Quilts: I’m on track with this one, having finished one baby quilt last Sunday and being really close to finishing another one.

Goal #4 – Home: Hah! I haven’t done anything significant here. The dust and clutter are still threatening to take over, and there is no discernible decorating theme in any room, much less the whole house.

Goal #5 – Work: I have started to do some web programming tasks, which is one important part of this. I’m still very much at the cut and paste level– find a page someone else has done and steal whatever element I need– but that’s where I started with the client server stuff three years ago, and that worked out well. I haven’t done as well on handing over responsibilities I need to give up in order to really have time to focus on the web side, but there’s at least a plan in place that my boss and the person who’ll be taking over both agree to.

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