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Hey, Remember When I Had Goals?

July 18, 2011

On January 3rd, I announced my goals for 2011:

1. Weigh less and move more.

2. Keep less and organize more.

3. Surf less and contribute more.

In the seven months since then, I’ve pretty much ignored these goals. Sure, I’ve made some sporadic attempts to take baby steps in the direction I want to go, but I haven’t made myself accountable for any of that activity so it’s been very easy to get distracted and backslide. I did lose five pounds last week, but most of those were family reunion weekend bloat, gained the week just before that. Enough of this two steps forward, three steps back, one step sideways. Today, right now, I start focusing again on moving ahead.

Mini-goals for this coming week:

a. Grapefruit and protein diet Monday through Friday, except for company lunch on Thursday. I know it’s not any good in the long term to cut out entire food groups, though in this case since the main ones I’m cutting out are candy, chips, ice cream, and Slim Jims, I think I could do a lot worse. I need to get some structure back in my eating, and this diet has helped me do that before.

b. Finish reading the “first two weeks” section of The Flex Diet and decide which steps to implement.

c. Complete 10 photo album pages.

d. Spend an hour in the basement sorting with an eye to getting rid of stuff.

e. Two post processing steps and five pages for Distributed Proofreaders.

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