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Report Card Monday 7.25

July 25, 2011

I got back on the goal wagon last week—easy to do since it was pretty much stopped dead at the side of the road so I didn’t have to run to catch up to it or anything—and here’s how I did on the mini-goals I set for myself:

a. Grapefruit and protein diet Monday through Friday, except for company lunch on Thursday.
Done. That lunch on Thursday and a weekend which included ice cream, cake, and pie (though not in crazy quantities) meant I ended up only one pound down for the week, which is less than I’d hoped for but I’ll take it.

b. Finish reading the “first two weeks” section of The Flex Diet and decide which steps to implement.
Mostly done. I did the reading and found I’m already doing some of the steps. Obviously not enough of them, I guess, or I wouldn’t have to be reading the book. I’ve not yet decided which additional ones to try.

c. Complete 10 photo album pages.
Overdone. I got some momentum going and finished up the year I was working on, which took something around 20 or 30 pages (yes, I should have counted, but once I passed 10 I stopped). Mr. Karen and I also went through a month’s worth of pictures to choose which ones to put in that year’s album.

d. Spend an hour in the basement sorting with an eye to getting rid of stuff.
Done. My keep/toss ratio is not what I’d like it to be, but I did move some things along various paths out of the house (recycling, shredding, donation, and trash containers all got used).

e. Two post processing steps and five pages for Distributed Proofreaders.
Overdone. I finished the five pages first, then started on the post processing. Like with the photo album pages, once I got going, I kept going and ended up doing 21 steps. One more and I can start on my favorite part, doing the HTML version.

For this week:
a. 4 x 400 plan at least 5 days
b. Decide on additional steps to try from first 20 in the Flex Diet book, even if the decision is none of them.
c. Gather photos for next album.
d. One hour basement sorting out time.
e. Five photos to Find a Grave.
f. Five pages and five post processing steps for DP.

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