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Welcome! I'm Karen (a.k.a. KarenD, because Karen was the third most popular name for girls in the decade of my birth, and there's usually more than one around wherever I am). My about me page spells out some of the wheres and whats of my life, but the short list is: Idaho, retired, interests include hiking, quilting, knitting, skiing downhill, traveling, cheese, staying married. I document my obsession with nail polish on Frazzle and Aniploish.

Latest entries:

01 Jan 2017 - Is 2017 Going to Be My Year?
31 Dec 2016 - 2016 Photo Project
30 Dec 2016 - Facing the Forecast
29 Dec 2016 - Lazy Day
28 Dec 2016 - Gettin' Out of Dodge
27 Dec 2016 - Pioneer Woman
26 Dec 2016 - Frozen Fractals All Around
25 Dec 2016 - Christmas Tree, 2016 Edition
24 Dec 2016 - Santa Truck
23 Dec 2016 - Human Popsicle

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