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Weight Log

So, yeah, this is the second iteration of my online weight log. (The first one is here.) Pictured below: my starting point for this round. Maybe this time I’ll succeed at maintenance and this can be the last iteration.

New this round–color-coding:

Date BMI Lbs. Lost
To Date
16-Aug-2005 30.6 Not as heavy as I’ve ever been, but close.
23-Aug-2005 30.1 3.5 Overweight is just around the corner.
30-Aug-2005 29.1 9.5 It’s been a long time since I was pleasantly surprised by the scale.
06-Sep-2005 29.3 8.5 I gained? How can that be? All I can think of is that bruises must cause fluid retention.
13-Sep-2005 28.6 13 That’s more like it.
20-Sep-2005 28.5 13.5  
27-Sep-2005 28.1 16 I’d be happier about this if I hadn’t snuck on the scale between weigh-in days to see I was down 17.5 in total as of last Friday. Will I never learn?
05-Oct-2005 29.1 9.5 Post-vacation #1
15-Oct-2005 27.7 18.5 Pre-vacation #2
24-Oct-2005 28.9 11 Post-vacation #2
11-Nov-2005 27.7 18.5 Back on track?
23-Jan-2006 28.1 16 I guess that’s not too bad considering there was Thanksgiving and vacation and Christmas and another vacation in there.
01-Apr-2006 29.4 7.5 Ugh.

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