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Weight Log 2001-2004

NOTE 23-Aug-2005: This is now archival. My current weight log is here.

This is the condensed story of my most recent weight loss efforts. I’m 5′ 7″, and at my highest weight, my BMI (body mass index) was 29.3, which put me at the high end of “overweight”: not quite to the “obesity” category, but scary close. My original goal of 140 pounds would have given me a BMI of 21.9, comfortably in the middle of the “normal weight” range, but I eventually decided that 150 was a more realistic goal. So I’ll be closer to the top of the normal range; it’s worth it if I don’t have to obsess about food and exercise.

Date Pounds Comments
21-Mar-2001 187 A new scale, a new personal high weight
24-Mar-2001 185.5 Back to Weight Watchers, with a goal of losing 40 pounds before I turn 40 on 16-Mar-2002
31-Mar-2001 183.5 Two days after my most recent set of “before” pictures, which I plan to link to as soon as I have some good “after” shots to go with them
28-Apr-2001 179.5
26-May-2001 174
25-Jun-2001 174 Not too bad, considering this is a post-vacation weight
21-Jul-2001 167.5
17-Aug-2001 165.5
15-Oct-2001 174.5 First, there was vacation, which means eating for fun; then there were the terrorist attacks, which means eating for comfort; both led to avoiding the scale
17-Nov-2001 171
15-Dec-2001 168
12-Jan-2002 169.5 So, yeah, there was some holiday eating
09-Feb-2002 170.5 Also some ski trip eating
09-Mar-2002 170.5 Okay, so the 40 by 40 goal didn’t happen
01-Apr-2002 179 Um, well, there was birthday cake, and a lot of other stuff; time to renew my commitment and set a new goal of 39 pounds lost by the time I’m 41
27-Apr-2002 170.5
25-May-2002 166
22-Jun-2002 162
27-Jul-2002 161 So there was this trip with my mom. Vacation plus Mom equals eating.
31-Aug-2002 157
28-Sep-2002 159 Ten days of eating my way through Southern California while on vacation? Not a good diet plan.
26-Oct-2002 154
02-Nov-2002 151.5 A seven-year low for me; very encouraging
16-Nov-2002 150 10 pounds to go
11-Dec-2002 153.5 Skiing does not burn enough calories to offset big lunches and dinners
14-Dec-2002 148.5 I’m amazed; the last time I recorded a weight in the 140’s was January of 1995
19-Dec-2002 153 Proof positive that cookies, candy, and cake are not the key to weight loss
28-Dec-2002 150 So much better than I expected to be only a few days after returning from Florida, where I ate like I’d never heard of Weight Watchers
04-Jan-2003 146.5 A new low; I just wish it weren’t due in part to losing muscle mass thanks to being a sick and slothful girl
13-Jan-2003 154.5 Wow, I knew cruising wasn’t going to be good for my weight, but I had no idea it would be this bad.
18-Jan-2003 150 I’d rather have lost all eight of the new pounds, but four and a half isn’t bad for five days.
31-Jan-2003 150 Since there were six vacation days in the twelve between last weigh-in and this one, I’m happy to have stayed the same
08-Feb-2003 149.5 Maybe if I hadn’t had the poutine and the dill pickle potato chips and half my body weight in Tim Horton’s pastries when I went to Canada, I’d have better news to report here, but it was nice to slip back under 150 again.
15-Feb-2003 151 Discouraging; I didn’t travel, I didn’t binge, but yet I gained.
22-Feb-2003 146 Whoo! And also Hoo!
01-Mar-2003 146.5
08-Mar-2003 150 Back up; is 150 some magical number that I must keep revisiting?
15-Mar-2003 147.5 And down again. I’ve decided I’m done.
22-Mar-2003 147 So far, so good on maintenance.
29-Mar-2003 148.5 Still in goal range.
05-Apr-2003 147.5
31-May-2003 153.5 Not good. Not tragic, but not good.
14-Jun-2003 154.5 Bah. Still headed in the wrong direction. Will I ever get this right for more than a few weeks or months at time?
12-Jul-2003 154.5 Well, considering I went on vacation and have been stressing about work and surgery, being the same this month as last is almost as good as losing.
16-Aug-2003 155 Doesn’t seem fair to have stuff surgically removed and not lose weight after.
19-Sep-2003 156 Must. Stop. Upward. Creep.
11-Oct-2003 155.5 Half a pound lost is better than no loss at all.
22-Nov-2003 157.5 No, this will not do.
20-Dec-2003 158.5 THIS will definitely not do.
31-Jan-2004 160.5 No comment.
28-Feb-2004 160.5 At least I’ve stopped gaining.
31-Mar-2004 167 That thing about not gaining? No longer true. This is depressing.
17-Apr-2004 164
1-May-2004 168.5 Depressing doesn’t even begin to cover it.
29-May-2004 167.5 Slow but steady wins the race? One can only hope.
30-Jun-2004 175 Damn.
06-Jul-2004 177.5 Holiday weekend, anyone?
17-Jul-2004 169 Crash dieting does work in the short term. Now on to that pesky long term….
24-Aug-2004 176.5 Um, not so good.

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