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Books I’ve Read

(A) means I listened to it.
(RR) means I re-read it.
(P) means I read it on paper.

I link titles to Powell’s Books if they carry them. I will often link to an edition other than the one I read. If Powell’s (or another non-Amazon site) doesn’t have it, I will link to Amazon. These are not affiliate links.

I also log my reading on StoryGraph. I’m KarenD there. Feel free to friend (or follow) me. Once in a while I add spoilers to my reviews there in addition to what I write on this page (using spoiler tags there, of course).

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January 1, 2023 to Now: (latest finished on top)

Written in the Stars, Alexandria Bellefleur
Yes, more like this please.

A Kiss for Midwinter
, Courtney Milan
Another enjoyable novella that fits into the Brothers Sinister series.

Hana Khan Carries On, Uzma Jalaluddin
Given that I live near many white Christian nationalists, some parts of this were very uncomfortable to read since they hit too close to home. I wish I hadn’t read the blurb I did before I picked this up, as it took away some of the sense of discovery for me as the plot unfolded.

The Governess Affair, Courtney Milan
I found this backstory to the Brothers Sinister series delightful. Given how my brain works, I’d forgotten I’d read the first few books in that series until maybe ¾ of the way through but it didn’t matter.

Running Scared, Elizabeth Lowell
More suspense and violence in this one than I generally like in my reading life but I found many of the characters engaging.

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