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Goal Check-In #2

July 1, 2002

Three months into my goal year and about six weeks since my last goal review, it’s time to take stock again.

Goal #1 – Body: The day after getting home from vacation is not a good time to look at this one. As of this morning, I am up five pounds from my recent low. However, I gained three of those pounds before I even left home last Wednesday, so the damage from the trip itself was really pretty modest. Sure, I could have made wiser eating choices while I was gone, and maybe next year I’ll be able to do better. For now, I’m happy that I did take some baby steps, including only having one restaurant meal each day versus the two we’d often had on quilt show trips in prior years. I’m also glad that I’ve gotten right back on program today, not letting the spirit of vacation indulgence carry over. I’m still down 12 pounds total from where I started this year, and that’s a good thing, too. I will overcome this temporary setback. Getting more exercise more consistently will help; I need to put more energy into doing that now I’m more settled into the WW point-counting routine.

Goal #2 – Mind: Given that I’d fallen almost entirely out of the book reading habit, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how easy it’s been to reach my goal of a book a month. I’m now keeping track on a new Books I’ve Read page linked off my journal home page. I am not yet ready to increase this target, since I’ve got so much I want to do in other areas.

Goal #3 – Quilts: I’ve finished two baby quilts and have one more in the quilting stage, so my goal of seven for the year looks achievable. I am hoping to get some quality quilting time in this weekend, since I’ll have an extra day for the 4th of July holiday.

Goal #4 – Home: Um, not so good. I did buy 3 x 5 cards to start a system for keeping track of cleaning tasks, but the cards are still in their shrink wrap. I do have to get the house presentable by next week Thursday, when we have someone coming over for dinner, so I’m hoping that will give me a jump start on keeping up with it after the guest goes home.

Goal #5 – Work: I didn’t make nearly enough progress on my albatross project this past month. I’d rather work on almost anything else, so I do. July must be different. On the favorable side, I did handle some support calls on the new stuff, the stuff I’m just learning, which I couldn’t have done at this time last year, or even six months ago.

I finished Your Best Year Yet on the plane ride home yesterday and am pondering working through the process laid out there as a way to refocus on my goals. I’m hesitating because the book didn’t resonate with me the way some other self-improvement books have, but I’m wondering if that’s because I haven’t tried the ideas out yet. Maybe it’s one of those things that you have to do and can’t just read about. Maybe I’ll finish the quilt I’m working on before I tackle more goal-setting, since the next baby in line is going to pop out any day now, and I’d like to stay only one baby behind.

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