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Goal Check-in: Month 11

March 1, 2004

It feels like I just did a goal check in. How could a whole month have gone by already? How could I have gotten so little done? (Well, yes going away for a week might have something to do with that, and then there’s that pesky work thing, which is gobbling up more of my time than usual lately as we implement a big new customer.) Ah well, denial in the form of not checking in is not going to make things better.

Body: I managed to maintain, weighing 160.5 on February’s WW weigh-in day, same as I had in January. Given that my weight has pretty much just been creeping up and up since last summer, staying the same feels like a victory, especially in a month that had a whole week of vacation eating in it. I didn’t work out as much as I needed to. I can’t say “wanted to” because I never want to work out. I know I need to in order to get strong and healthy, but I resent the time it takes. Maybe my attitude will improve once it starts getting warmer and staying lighter in the evenings so I can do more walking. I’m hoping to be able to lose some weight in March, but I’ll be on the road even more than I was last month thanks to work trips, so it’ll be a challenge.

Reading: I read three books in February, exceeding my goal. Two of them were Viking romances, though, so I’m not sure that’s something to be proud of. They weren’t even good Viking romances (does such a thing exist? I’m afraid to even do the research).

Quilting: With the plane baby quilt, I achieved my goal of eight quilts for the year. If I can carve out enough time at the sewing machine in between heading here and there and the next where, I’ll be able to finish number nine before the end of this month. I did a quick design and pulled some fabrics for the one after that this past weekend, so there’s no lull in sight.

Housekeeping: I’m glad it’s a leap year, because I didn’t clear out this month’s box of clippings until about 8 o’clock last night. Now only one box is between me and being caught up with the backlog. That’s very satisfying. What will be even better is figuring out a way to never have stuff pile up like that again. I’ve already trained myself to toss certain magazines in the recycle bin without clipping anything from them; I might have to learn to use those skills even on titles I do like to review after reading once. Scary.

Actually, now that I look at it, I got a fair bit done this month. Maybe it just seemed like a little at first thought because it was a short month. I’m no fatter, read more than I’d targeted, got a quilt done, and didn’t have to pitch anything into the recycling bin I wasn’t ready to part with. That’s pretty good. Here’s hoping March will be even a little better.


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