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Goal Wednesday, 6.30

June 30, 2010

There were no goals for last week, or the week before, but I of course did things. I gained weight on vacation and have since lost most of it again, ending up just about where I was the last time I did a goal check-in. I returned to the gym after being gone and got questioned by the 76 year old lady who’s there five times a week about where I’d been; she accepted “Washington and Idaho” as a valid excuse. I can only hope that when I’m her age I’m as active as she is. Actually, I don’t think I’m as active as she is at the age I’m at now, and that’s got to change.

Goals for the week that started today:
1. Stick to the 400 x 4 plan as much as possible.
2. Weight work twice; aerobics twice.
3. Eliminate the piles of mail now lounging on the kitchen counter.
4. Do a page a day at DP and a photo or memorial a day at Find A Grave.


This post is part of New Beginnings Wednesdays.

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One Comment
  1. MizB Says:

    Congrats, Karen, on losing what you’d gained while away! That shows some real dedication! 🙂

    And, i totally hear you about older people being a good source of motivation. I belong to a book group of ladies who are in their 60’s (I’m the baby, being only in my early 30’s), and when some of them talk about how they’re involved in these classes at the gym, how much they can lift, or about doing things like “Dragonboating”, it just makes me shrink in shame… I couldn’t do even half of what these women 30 years older than me are doing!!! So sad. 🙁

    But, definitely motivation to get my butt in gear! 😉


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