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Goal Check-In: Month 3

June 29, 2003

Since I’m not expecting to do anything on the last day of June that will significantly change my success in meeting my goals for this month, I’m doing an early check-in.

I’m still struggling with my body goal. I’m not as light as I want to be or working out as often. There were a few bright spots, like the fact that mom and I didn’t eat out for every meal on our NQA trip as we have in some years, and doing more walking recently. Yeah I know it’s not stellar, but it’s the best I’ve got right now.

You know I’ve been reading and quilting, no problems there. I’m not quite sure about hitting the eight quilt mark for this year because of the time and care I want to put into the United We Quilt project (and that is also a bigger piece than the baby and wall quilts with which I met last year’s goal of seven). I also don’t know how much quilting time I’ll lose to surgery– just sitting and piecing should be something I can get back to pretty quickly, but moving around stacks of fabric to find the ones I want might take a while longer (you’d be surprised at how much yardage can weigh).

I did not do what I wanted as far as the house is concerned. The family room was the room of the month, and it got no special attention at all. It’ll just have to be July’s room and maybe later in the year I can do two small rooms to catch up. I did empty my box of clippings for the month, so that’s a good thing.

So I didn’t do as well as last month; I slipped a little. I’ll keep at it, though.


A year ago, I was in Charlotte with Mom.

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