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April Check-In

May 2, 2008

Weighing less? Not really. My low weight this month was 11 pounds less than I started the year, but then I ate and ate and ate last weekend and gained five (and a half!) pounds. A couple of those weekend pounds are still hanging around, so as of this morning, I was only a half a pound down from where I was at the end of March. That’s nine pounds down for the year, which is not exactly setting any records. I have got to do better in May. I was hoping that having no trips planned would help with that, but last weekend shows I can get into plenty of trouble just hanging out at home. I did not start any sort of structured diet as I said I needed to do last month; no time like the present—I just need to decide what to do exactly. So far in May, I’ve just recorded my food in a spreadsheet. I’m considering doing classic WW, meaning the diabetic exchanges version that was program when I first joined back in 1992. One bright spot on the consumption front is that I’ve halved the amount of diet soda I’m drinking from where I started the year. I used to have a second dose of diet cola when I got the office, supplementing that first can I use to wake up, but now I get myself a tall glass of water instead.

Moving more? For sure. I almost doubled my running time and distance in April compared to March. Even better, I did something I once thought was impossible: I ran before work. Not just once, but four times now, so it’s not a fluke. Not being a morning person, and having an hour drive in to work and having to be there before 9 so I can leave in time to get to bed at a reasonable hour, I didn’t think I could manage it, but I can. I don’t even have to get up so early that I feel shaky and out of sorts. I don’t have as much time to warm up and cool down as I’d like, but I can manage it. And it sure is nice to not having it hanging over my head when I get home at night.

Keeping less and organizing more? I donated a box of yarn to a worthy cause, but I also bought some yarn, so I think I’m about even there. I didn’t buy any fabric, though, and threw out more nail polish than I bought, and relocated of some stuff that was in the fabric closet but should not have been, so that’s a little progress.

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