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March Check-In

March 31, 2008

Weight: I’m bummed to report that this morning I weighed exactly the same as I did on February 29th. At one point this month, I weighed two pounds less than this, which only adds to the bummed-ness. Though at another point, I weighed a pound and a half more, so I guess I should be happy that at least I ended up even. I am happy that my measurements are continuing to shrink; since the first of the year, I’ve lost a little over an inch from my waist and two from my hips, which meant that when I went to Kohl’s last time, I fit into pants a size smaller than what I’ve been wearing. I really need to get myself on some sort of structured diet, or at the very least get back to logging what I’m eating, because another month of holding steady is not going to delight me the least little bit.

Exercise: Thanks to the wonders of Nike+, I know for sure I’ve been moving more. My total running time in March was 44% more than in February, and my mileage was 47% more. Granted, it’s easy to make big jumps when the base is so low, but still, I did more and went faster and that’s all good. I did not do the 5K I’d targeted back in November because I’ve been sick so much the last couple months that I just haven’t been able to get the training in, but I’ve finally started to feel better and am hopeful I’ll get one in before summer hits&emdash;so hopeful that I just today registered for a race on May 18th. As far as the Nike+ challenge I was in, that ended March 21st and I came in 59th of 82 active runners. Eh; it’s not like I ever had a chance to finish really high up in the standings anyway.

Stuff: Once again, I have no major progress to report. I did make some minor progress, though. There are fewer books and magazines on the shelves in the living room, and the ones that are left are more neatly displayed thanks to a couple trips to IKEA. I emptied one box from my closet. I moved some of my yarn from multiple little containers, all of which had to be moved to get to the stuff in the back of the cupboard, to two big ones. At this rate, I should be living in the decluttered home of my dreams somewhere around 2075.

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