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April 28, 2008

I had a very nice weekend. I could have done without the five pounds I gained (!—a lot of that better be water retention, is all I’ve got to say, because I sure as heck did not eat an extra 17,500 calories), but otherwise I’m happy; I got most of the things on my to do list done and spent some quality time with Mr. Karen (some of it in restaurants, thus the five pounds). We went to the zoo yesterday, where we ate the first Dippin’ Dots of the season (I wasn’t sure the stand would be open yet, but it was, which I could have guessed if I would read my own back entries) and visited some of the animals. One of the ones we didn’t see was the tapir; I found out later that yesterday was World Tapir Day, so maybe they were off at an event of some sort. The peacocks were in fine form, literally shaking their tail feathers. I took lots of pictures, but managed to edit them down to this set of sixteen.

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