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Goal Check-In #3

August 26, 2002

It’s been about two months since I last did my last check-in, so it’s once again time to review where I am with my goals for the year ending March 31, 2003.

Goal #1 – Body: I’m glad to report that I’ve lost the weight I gained during Mr. Karen’s birthday week and the family reunion trip that followed, plus a little bit more. As of my most recent weigh-in on Saturday morning, I was at 158 pounds, a new low. (By half a pound, true, but I’ll take it). Twenty-one pounds down, eighteen to go to reach my goal of 140. Eighteen pounds in seven months—I can do that, even with all the vacations we have planned. I just need to keep tracking my points in my Weight Watchers journal every day, stick to my limits, and exercise consistently. Using more of my points on weekend days is working out well, so I’ll keep following that plan. Getting in my exercise is more of a struggle, but I did much better this last week, doing all three of my video workouts and a couple bonus walks, too. I really need to keep that up consistently, since the only time I’ve had my weight under control, I was exercising regularly.

Goal #2 – Mind: I’m back in the reading habit, easily achieving my book a month target. Right now, I’m listening to Stephen King’s On Writing and waiting for The Club Dumas by Arturo Perez-Reverte to be delivered so I can read it for the book club. Once again, the library’s copy of the book club book was checked out exactly when I needed it, and I didn’t want to wait until it was returned. At least this time I bought a used copy and saved a few bucks, though I’m not sure the savings offset my frustration at having to wait. (Note for next year’s goals—work on being more patient.)

Goal #3 – Quilts: I’ve finished three baby quilts and am working on quilting a wall piece (for a grown-up, amazingly enough). I should have no problem reaching my goal of seven quilts for the year. There’s the group baby quilt to finish, though I’m not sure I can count that toward my goal, since I didn’t do all the work. I’ve got two more baby quilts to do for coworkers, one whose baby is already born. It would be nice to do at least one quilt this year for me to keep, though there are so many on my list of ones I want to do that I don’t know how I’ll choose.

Goal #4 – Home: This is where my wonderful record of goal achievement hits the fan. I’ve got my 3 x 5 card system set up. I have all the tasks written down on the colorful cards and placed in the appropriate sections of the file box. Unfortunately, I almost never open the file box to look at what I’m supposed to be doing. We have had a lot of visitors lately, so the house is pretty clean, but in control and organized it is not. And decorating? Nope, haven’t touched that.

Goal #5 – Work: My albatross project continues to be the bane of my existence, but I’m going to have to move it along because I just got a new (additional, not replacement) assignment last Friday, to co-account manage our big new customer on an interim basis. That will force me to do the things I should have been doing all along.

So, I’m doing well with three goals out of the five. I guess that’s a passing grade. Not the top of the class, but not the bottom, either. I hope in another six to eight weeks that I can move up a little—maybe four out of five. It could happen.

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