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Goal Wednesday, 9.15

September 15, 2010

Taking last week off from goal check-in was not my best idea ever, since it meant that I was not keeping myself accountable for two weeks (the week before I skipped check-in and the week after). Predictably, I got less done in those two weeks—well, when it came to eating, I got way more done, but that’s not a good thing. I did some workouts and some organizing and some pages and memorials, though I could have done more even considering the time spent away from home on our reunion weekend. Ah well, I’m back now.

Goals for this week:

1. Keep a food diary.

It will be great if this diary shows I’m back on track with my 4 x 400 plan, but even if it doesn’t, I know from experience that making myself write everything down means less mindless eating.

2. Weight work twice; aerobics twice.

I added a couple exercises to my routine during my most recent session at the gym (I picked those particular exercises based on which muscles hurt after I did a Firm video over the weekend). I intend to keep those in there.

3. Weed through some container, any container—box, bag, cupboard, drawer.

4. Do a page a day at DP and a photo or memorial a day at Find A Grave.

5. Do ten post processing steps on an American Missionary issue.


This post is part of New Beginnings Wednesdays.

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One Comment
  1. MizB Says:

    Glad to have you back, Karen! And, no worries — we all make silly choices from time-to-time (look at me, for example! LOL). But, getting back into the swing of it afterward is what keeps that momentum going, and helps us reach our goals, right?



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