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Marking Period 2, Featuring a Trip to the Zoo

June 1, 2005

A whole month has gone by since my last check-in–how can that be? I haven’t gotten four weeks’ worth of stuff done, for sure.


I lost a grand total of half a pound in May. Miniscule as that achievement is, it’s still better than April’s results. Except when my instructor or I were out of town, I continued to go to Nia class twice a week and also did a two-hour Nia workshop on top of that one week. I didn’t walk as much as I’d hoped even though the weather is getting nicer and nicer; I didn’t even manage to track my steps for a few days this month. Worst, I just haven’t been able to get my head in the right place to diet. Maybe now that summer’s really here, I’ll get motivated–I think I have about two pairs of shorts that I can squeeze into.


No performances attended or tickets purchased. I did read another festival catalog and saw some things that looked interesting. I also read two books (not on CD), so that’s a good thing if not exactly what this year’s goal calls for.


Nothing finished in May. I did make progress on two different projects and complete some more sorting of the stacks in my fabric stash.


Not only did I not empty any boxes in the basement, I put a couple bags down there just last night (I got tired of moving them out of the fabric closet every time I wanted to get to the bottom shelves). I did get rid of a couple more months’ worth of magazine back issues, so that’s something.

I could have devoted the holiday on Monday to making progress on my goals and had a little more to show for May but instead I went to the zoo with Mr. Karen. I really wanted to see the 6-month old polar bear cub but wondered if it was too hot for the bears to be out. As it turned out, the baby bear and her mom were in view when we got to the arctic area. They were both sleeping, but soon the baby woke up and started chewing and rolling on her mother’s head before trotting off to the small pool over the hill, where she played in the water while her mom kept an eye on her from the shore. Too cute. No big polar bears were swimming in the big pool, but we did get to see the blind harp seal, who surfed in the water jet the whole time we were there. (I know it’s the blind harp seal because there was a docent on duty to tell me so–they know the stories about the animals like this one, Mack, rescued from a beach in Virginia where he was found with an apparent gunshot wound.) The prairie dogs were fun to watch, too, with several sizes of babies and one guy who really wanted to find a way out. The peacocks put on a show as well; evidently it’s mating season, as we saw lots of the males displaying (and shaking) their tail feathers; for the most part the peahens seemed unimpressed. Just after we got to the snow monkey exhibit, they started hooting and running away–a walk to the other side revealed it was monkey lunchtime and they’d all disappeared into the moat to eat. The gardens at the zoo were in good form, too; the irises in particular were gorgeous. Also, there were Dippin’ Dots. Mmmm, Dippin’ Dots. I did get the small size and not the large, and only stopped at one of the stands, not both, so that’s demonstrating some willpower.

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