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Archive for December 11th, 2023

A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 49

December 11, 2023

Monday, December 4: Time to shovel the balconies.

Looking out a window at snow piled halfway up the railings of a balcony.


Tuesday, December 5: This awfulness is why the shoveling had to be done the day before. This much rain soaking into the snow could be bad news for the load on the balconies and definitely was for skiing; the lifts were shut down for the day.

Looking out a window at the corner of a balcony railing. The window is covered in waterdrops and there is no snow on the railing.


Wednesday, December 6: Another day of rain and no skiing. Cheered myself up by setting up the fiber optic Christmas tree in the studio.

Close up of a fiber optic tree with translucent 'needles' and stars bordered in points of light. Lights are pale green in this shot.

Thursday, December 7: Yet another day of closed lifts, though the rain eased off after 6 inches fell in 48 hours. Mr. Karen and I put up our Christmas tree, and he made a skillet deep dish pizza for lunch/dinner.

Small cast iron skillet filled with deep dish pizza topped with ground beef and two chunks of onion that look almost like eyes.

Friday, December 8: Skiing still shut down while the resort works on making snow and grooming what they can. I ventured down to the city to hang out with some friends. On the way home, I took a small detour to look at a holiday light display that I’d only glimpsed from the freeway before.

Park decorated for Christmas. There are two Christmas trees in the foreground made from strings of lights attached to a round base and a pole through its center. Real trees around them are strung with lights. Low arches of white lights are in the middle distance.

Saturday, December 9: The ski lifts did re-open today, of course with limited terrain. Definitely not worth me paying the upcharge to get out there with my Sunday to Friday season pass, so I had plenty of time to make cheddar and broccoli waffles and complete a satisfying quad of pictures in the Happy Color app for Christmas Card Day (I did not know that was a thing; seems suspect but it means more pictures to color so okay). Announcement of the day in the upper left. Making of a card in the upper right. Display of cards for sale in the lower left. Person receiving a card in the lower right. It’s the circle of life.

Collage of four screenshots of pictures from the Happy Color app, all with Christmas card imagery.

Sunday, December 10: I hosted a craft get together for friends in the afternoon, which meant I didn’t ski yet again. Mr. Karen did, and his report indicated that was probably for the best. I don’t appreciate small creeks appearing on ski runs. In the evening, I enjoyed relaxing in the living room, glancing up to appreciate the tree. The ornament below is new to our collection this year, one of the ones we claimed from Joan’s boxes of decorations we went through with Kathy on our Thanksgiving trip. It is possible to get new ornaments in this style, but I like this old one. It’s a survivor. It has a history.

Close up of vintage glass ornament hanging on an artificial tree with white mini lights illuminating it. Mostly red, with silver glitter decoration and blue and gold in the decorative well in the middle of one side.



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