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What’s Up, Mushroom?

December 11, 2012

Is the mushroom angry?

Because I have the tasks of a fortunate first worlder to take care of tonight (stopping at the bank to get money for the cleaning lady, then straightening the house before she comes tomorrow so she can actually clean), I don’t have time to write a proper entry. I do just have time to share this photo of the inside of the box of chocolate and tiny breadstick mushrooms I bought at the Japanese grocery. Oh, how I wish I understood Japanese. Perhaps if I tried to learn again from a different teacher than the one I had the first time I might make more headway—but I don’t have time for that, either. So in my ignorance, I am left to wonder what exactly is up with this mushroom. Is he angry? Is he singing? Is that a guitar on his back or a sack? If a sack, what’s in it? And what about that couple in the upper right corner—are they baby mushrooms? They seem happier than the big guy, anyway. Perhaps it’s better not to know, so I can make up stories about them unencumbered by the truth.


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