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Searching for Signal

December 11, 2022

I thought about writing about snow again today, because with 28 inches in the last 48 hours, there’s a lot of it around. But I decided to take a break from pictures of the snow and instead share a picture created by the snow. Specifically the snow that failed to slide right out of our satellite dish, which meant there was a series of abstract art compositions on the screen until Mr. K donned his snowshoes and went out to clear the dish. Some of them were very striking; the one below was my favorite.

TV monitor mounted on a warm brown wood paneled wall showing abstract image in bright colors

Our dish is mounted not on the roof (too much snow accumulates up there), but on the side of the building at the opposite end from our condo. During the summer, it’s too high up to reach without a ladder. In the winter, the snow piles up and an adult sized human (with snowshoes to keep from sinking into the snow pile) wielding a broom can reach just fine.


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