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The Very Rich Are Different from Me

December 11, 2018

I thought for sure I’d written here before about the rich people’s catalogs I get, but a Google search didn’t turn up the entry I thought I remembered. A keyword search on my hard drive did find it (apparently all my pages aren’t in Google, which is fine, though less convenient for me when I look for something), but it wasn’t so much about catalogs but about my mail in general. Which means I feel fine about writing today about one particular rich people catalog I was perusing at breakfast this morning. It featured Christmas d├ęcor, most notably an $1899 fake tree (on sale now for $1699), adorned with at least $800 of ribbon and ornaments and mini magnolia picks. I do not know how I got on this mailing list, or any of the others for similar companies I’ve never bought from. I suspect it’s because of where we live; the data mining they did to add names apparently wasn’t sophisticated enough to distinguish between our modest mid-70s vintage condo with the original harvest gold laminate counters and the much newer, much larger single family homes festooned with granite and stainless steel that are also a part of our mountain neighborhood.

Rich people's tree

I can’t imagine how much money I’d have to have so that buying a fake Christmas tree for nearly two thousand dollars would make sense to me. A whole, whole lot more than I have, that’s for sure. I might not have the makeup to be a really rich person; today in the locker room I was thinking about how with all the snow we’re getting we’ll want to bring down more of our skis and told Mr. K that if we came into a billion dollars, we could get two ski lockers—one for our powder skis and one for our other skis. He pointed out that if we had a billion dollars, we could buy a house that was ski-in ski-out and not need a locker at all. Huh. That hadn’t even occurred to me.


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