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I Love the 70s

December 10, 2018

In packing up my mother-in-law Joan’s condo, we found so many photos. Some were in albums and some were loose. I found the latter as interesting as the former. Like this shot below from a church function in the 1970s: so many white chunky sandals!

All the white chunky heeled sandals


The white chunky sandals also appear in this view of the same event (one woman has boldly gone with white wedges instead of a chunky heel), but here I’m most interested in the lady in the red skirt. She’s gone with classic black pumps. She’s who I’d like to think I’d be, but given that I did things like wear a trendy bubble skirt to several functions in the 80s, I’d probably have been in white chunky sandals, too.

I want to know that lady in the red skirt


Seeing these slices of life from an earlier decade has me wondering which of my own photos will be most interesting decades from now. Probably not the posed shots, or the carefully composed one focusing on some detail. It’ll be the ones that remind me of our everyday surroundings. Whether anyone will be able to access them at that point is a question; I don’t have prints, I have files on hard drives that might fail. Prints can get damaged, too, sure; we found a few of those in our packing adventure, but that was the exception, and one torn or water stained print from an event didn’t mean the rest were ruined. Maybe I should get back to making prints of my favorites. I used to do that, even after moving to digital photography from film, but the last album I created was from somewhere around 2005, so I’ll never catch up at that rate. Maybe 2019 will be the year I at least make some progress on that front.


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  1. Marcia Says:

    I love old photos too. My favorite part is to see what’s in the background. I fear that today’s photos, so many taken zoomed in, will be less revealing and much less interesting. (I would have been part of the chunky heel crowd. Sigh.)

  2. KarenD Says:

    Marcia, I think you’re right … so many shots today seem so carefully composed, and the ones that don’t measure up are easily deleted before anyone sees them.

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