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I’m Back

December 10, 2002

I trust that the other participants in Holidailies have kept you entertained since I last wrote five days ago. I’ve been off in Colorado, seriously vacationing. I left the laptop at home and didn’t touch a keyboard or even look at the Internet the whole time I was gone. Even the temptation to check my cell phone for messages from the office was absent because there was no Nextel service in the area where we spent most of our time. All I had to do was eat and sleep and ski, and I did plenty of all three.

Because we got home so close to my bedtime (and I picked up a cold along the way that makes me want to sleep even more than usual), the super duper trip report with plenty of details and pictures will have to wait until later. For now, know that I had a great time, as you can see in this picture of me at Steamboat, and I will be back very soon to elaborate on the top ten things I learned (or re-learned) on this trip:

1. ‘Tis better to ski the black diamond tree run than the blue groomed run, at least sometimes.
2. Maxi pads with wings and boxer briefs are not a match made in heaven.
3. Even if you look just like the “dork” pictures in Ski magazine, you can still have a lot of fun.
4. “Clothing optional” is irrelevant when it’s too dark to see.
5. You know your fall looked really bad when a teenaged boy stops in the middle of his run to check if you’re okay.
6. Skiing on Sudafed: Just Say NO!
7. Not all signs are to be believed, especially the one that says “recommended for experts”.
8. Never get so good that you forget what it was like to be a beginner.
9. There is joy after the traverse of doom.
10. Always wear your helmet.

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