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All Snow is Good Snow

December 9, 2018

I said yesterday I was ready to do it again tomorrow, and today I did it. Ski, that is. There wasn’t any new snow overnight or any new terrain opened today, but that’s okay. “All snow is good snow,” as Edie Thys Morgan’s dad used to say (per her column in an old SKI magazine I read recently).

Ski Day 4


The highlight of my day came not on the snow, but on the lift, from which I saw the newest avalanche rescue dog. She wasn’t in uniform, she was just hanging out with her handler, who had to call her to come away from the snow to go back into the lodge.

Serene scenery


Tomorrow I won’t be doing it again, as Mr. Karen and I have an appointment in the morning and I have a meeting down in the city in the evening; in between I’ll run errands like getting my new glasses adjusted and depositing some checks at the bank for Mr. K’s mom. It’ll probably be good to rest my legs anyway, as there’s significant snow in the forecast starting Tuesday.


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