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Resolutions or Goals or Intentions

January 1, 2024

Sitting here on the first day of a new year, I’m undecided if I want to task myself to accomplish anything in particular in the next twelve months. I want to do things, sure. For instance, I’d like to end 2024 carrying less weight, both physically in pounds and stuff and mentally in the energy it takes to manage the clutter I’m prone to surround myself with. Doing that without putting some metrics around it seems like a great way to not achieve much, but setting milestones I’m bound to miss seems like a great way to feel bad about myself. I read some advice earlier today about making a “done” list before bed each night, so maybe that’s what I need, to keep track of what I’ve accomplished rather than getting sidetracked and overwhelmed by how much there is left to do. Surely it will feel better to say “emptied a doom box” than “still have unknown number of doom boxes and bags to deal with”. Worth considering. And if I try it in January and it doesn’t go well, there’s always next month.

Edited to add here’s a goal I am going to set: Add a calendar reminder to post my January 1st 2025 Holidailies entry very early on the 1st, maybe just after midnight, as once again the portal has been closed early on the 1st (8:03 p.m. Eastern US time as I type this).

Edited again to add that the code monkey for Holidailies reopened the portal after I inquired so I was able to post my link. Still keeping that calendar reminder, though.


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