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With a Whimper and a Bang

January 1, 2014

I was planning to write today about how much of a Holidailies underachiever I was this year, finishing with my lowest post total ever, including my first year in 2002 when I didn’t quite grasp the “daily” part of Holidailies. I am finishing on a whimper, for sure. But just at the moment, I’m in no mood to pick apart why I didn’t do what I set out to do, namely, write an average of one post a day for the Holidailies season, something I’ve done pretty consistently for the last how ever many years (I could look it up, but again, not in the mood). Right now, what I am in the mood for is celebrating, as my alma mater, Michigan State University, won the Rose Bowl a little while ago. They came from behind and caused me much anxiety along the way, which makes the win even sweeter, so I’m happy and think a glass or even two of wine is called for. Sure, I failed to reach my Holidailies goal, but I did write a heck of a lot more here than I have been so that’s a good thing. Not as good as a Rose Bowl win, though. Go Spartans!

The Spartans Went and Won!


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  1. Melanie Says:

    I did not post every day either, so you are not alone. Happy New Year!

  2. lisa-marie Says:

    Karen, my dear, I wrote a total of 7 Holidailies entries this year, so don’t feel too bad! Cheers and Happy 2014!!

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