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52 and a Half Weeks

January 1, 2011

Monthly sampler from 2010's self portrait project


Monthly sampler from 2010's photo a week project

I did two photo-a-week projects in 2010, one for self-portraits and one which had a theme each week. This morning I picked one photo from each month to make these mosaics for the projects. I’ve already signed up for a theme a week project for 2011; I’m undecided about continuing the self-portraits but have until Friday to decide.


On this date in 2010: Meeting the Challenge, in which I completed my first A to Z reading project.

2009: Happy 2009, in which I had a lazy day at home to start the new year.

2008: The Beginning, in which I spent time outside to start 2008.

2007: Good Clutter, in which I took over the dining room table.

2006: Done and Undone, in which I listed tasks I failed to do and what I did instead.

2005: The Shoe Said “Love”, in which I shared a picture of someone else’s shoe.

2004: No entry.

2003: No entry.

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One Comment
  1. Denise Says:

    I’m doing a 365 project with my iPod Touch Hipstamatic app…fun photos, and I’m more likely to have it with me than my bulky DSLR.

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