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Night Walking

December 18, 2023

One day last week on which neither Mr. Karen nor I skied, it got dark before we remembered we hadn’t gotten the mail (not surprising, since this time of year it feels like it gets dark approximately three or four hours after we finish breakfast). We decided to walk down to the village and collect it anyway despite the lack of sidewalks and streetlights in our neighborhood.

I grabbed my Elsa wand to both shed a little light on my path and mark my location for any cars driving on the mountain road (which, as it turned out, were more numerous than expected as it turned out there was a holiday party going on in one of the lodges). It is way more fun than a headlamp, what with the multiple colors and patterns.

Collage of three photos of a light up wand with a snowflake shape at the end. Left to right: red, blue, and green modes.


We got to see the village Christmas tree all lit up, which was a first for me this season (it had been put up a few days before, but I’d only seen it in daylight).

Christmas tree at night lit in blue and white set up in a small village square.


The most exciting part of this little jaunt was I finally figured out how to get the touch-sensitive gloves Mr. Karen got me some years back to work for me. They’ve always been a bit roomy, which meant the tips of my fingers weren’t tight to the touchpads on the thumb and forefinger of the gloves, so I’d end up taking them off to work my phone. This time, my pair of fingerless gloves caught my eye and I thought to put them on over the gloves, and voila, that kept the gloves pushed down onto my fingers, so I was able to take the photos above without having to expose my bare skin to the cold. I’m a bit chagrined it took me this long to figure out this solution, and very happy I finally did.

My hand, palm up, clad in a red violet thin wool knit glove with black touchpads on the thumb and first finger, with a marled wine chunkier knit fingerless mitt layered on top.


Sometimes I wish my mail came to the curb in front of my house the way it did in Michigan, but if it did, I’d miss out on walks like this one, so all in all I think it balances out. Besides, we don’t have a curb here anyway, and anyplace we could put a mailbox by the street, it would get buried in snow and/or run over by the plow or folks not used to winter driving.


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One Comment
  1. Mary Says:

    I never would have thought of that solution to the glove problem! Great idea.

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