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C’mon Snow

December 18, 2017

As expected, my neck and shoulders and adjacent muscles are sore today, but with the help of my friend Vitamin I (also known as ibuprofen), I skied for a while this afternoon, not pushing myself on speed or steepness but just aiming at keeping my ski muscles active. We’re in the start of a storm cycle, with 4 inches of snow last night and 24 to 38 predicted over the next couple of days. I’m not going to want to miss that so staying somewhat limber seemed wise. I came home and soaked in a tub liberally dosed with Epsom salt, had some more ibu, and will do some stretching before bed. Would have been far better to not fall in the first place, but sometimes things happen.

Here’s hoping the snow does come and cover up the stuff that’s sticking up that shouldn’t be; some of it is pretty, sure, but things like the branches below really aren’t welcome in the middle of ski runs. It can, and will, all grow back in the summer.

Remnant of another season


Remnant of another season



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