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Yesterday’s Beauty

December 18, 2019

I’m taking today off from skiing, resting my legs for the 26 to 44 inches of snow in the forecast between tonight and Saturday evening (there’s a chance of more snow after that, too, but no inches associated yet). I’ll go work/play in the studio in town and give blood at the drive at the hospital and maybe have a nice dinner out with Mr. K, who will be taking care of his town business, too. Depends on when the snow starts; if it comes early, we’ll get back up on the mountain and hunker down, venturing out only to ski and maybe shovel the decks, but there’s really not much point in doing that during the storm cycle unless it’s piling up so high we can’t see out or something.

I did ski yesterday, and it was better than the day before thanks to no fog/mist on the slopes themselves but moody clouds looming near and being picturesque. I took the shots below in early afternoon.

Top of the quad


Top of the triple



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