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What Once Burned Bright

December 18, 2020

Remember the rogue ornament flying above my Christmas tree? Well, this happened:

purple ball made form Christmas lights, half-lit


Mr. K pushed on all the lights on that side to see if one had come loose. Apparently not, as it remained half lit. So then this happened:

purple ball made form Christmas lights, partially disassembled


The plastic star-shaped sleeves around the lights are very sharp and pointy, and it’s hard to remove the bulbs to replace them, and we’ve had this for years so it’s not like we haven’t gotten good use out of it, so we decided not to pursue fixing it. I found another burnt out light on the tree so replaced it with one of the purple ones from the ball, and slipped a few of the star sleeves over lights on the tree, and then, because I have a hard time letting go, put the partially disassembled rogue ornament into a box until I decide if I want to harvest more of the pieces. First resolution for 2021: do not pack up partially disassembled ball with the rest of the Christmas decorations.


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