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Way Down South

December 18, 2021

One month ago today, it was raining, and Mr. Karen and I checked out of our hotel in Florida City and drove down to stay with friends in the Florida Keys for a few days. I took far fewere photos during this segment of our trip, so I’m going to blast through it in just one entry.

On our way to our friends’ house, we stopped at an out of the way restaurant in the upper Keys (or maybe middle? I’m not sure where the line is) for lunch; it was open air but had enough tables under cover that we didn’t get rained on. Worth it to try deep fried key lime pie for the first time (really a key lime turnover but still tasty.

Piece of key lime pie in the background and a turnover in the foreground


We’d last visited these friends before Hurricane Irma destroyed their house. They’ve rebuilt, higher, so have even better views now. Their boat survived the storm because it was in for repairs when the storm came through. On the day after our arrival, the rain let up long enough for us to go out on that boat, and snorkel in the canal, and I even laid out on a chaise for a bit. It was very relaxing.

View looking over the bow of a small boat with a woman's bare legs in the foreground


That night, we went out to dinner at a place I’m pretty sure I couldn’t find again, eating outside with a view of the sunset (at least for the half of us facing that direction). For dessert, we drove down to Key West for key lime meringue pie and got to listen to a trio where the frontwoman sang and played at least three instruments.

Small stage at an outdoor bar with a trio onstage; woman in red dress standing in front with two men seating behind here


The day after that, the rain threatened but we went swimming anyway. There was both a pool and a roped off salt water swim area in a little bay nearby the pool, so I took advantage of both. Yes, it rained some, but I was wet anyway.

Small man made bay in the ocean with a roped off area for swimming


The day after that, we said goodbye to our friends and drove back to Orlando, spending the night in a hotel not too far from the airport. The next morning, Mr. Karen dropped me off at MCO so I could fly home. I’d read stories about three hour lines for security there, so allowed myself plenty of time. The lines were not that long on this day, so I was able to relax and browse some of the shops. I got lucky on my first flight of the day, having three seats to myself. What luxury. I had no trouble making my connection in Minneapolis and was back in Spokane late that night.

View out a plane window of city and lakes


I’d taken a photo of the section I was parked in at the airport, but during the trip, I transferred photos to my laptop and failed to remember to not delete that one, so it took me a bit longer than it should have to find my car (I didn’t want to boot up my laptop outside in the cold if I could avoid it). On my way out of the parking lot, I was reminded how Spokane is just not that big a city, in that I paid $132 for 17 days of parking in easy walking distance of the terminal. Now that omicron is flaring up, I’m not sure when I might fly out of there (or anywhere) next.

All the photos from this part of my trip are here.


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