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December 17, 2021

One month ago today, Mr. K and I set an alarm so we could be out of the condo by the 10 a.m. check out time. We made it, barely. Then we did one more thing at Disney, lunch at Splitsville in Disney Springs. It was quiet when we arrived since it was early in the day, but a couple people did show up to bowl midway through our meal. That wasn’t as loud as I’d feared it might be.

Mural in retro style showing Disney World landmarks with bowling lanes in the foreground


Then we got on the road and headed south. We stopped for the night in Florida City, in a motel with most interesting hallway carpet. It looked like a quilt composed of samples from a motel carpet catalog.

Hotel hallway with mutlticolored carpet squares


Before bed, we both did COVID rapid antigen self-tests. If they’d come up positive, we’d have skipped the next phase of our trip, but fortunately they came up negative. We weren’t experiencing any symptoms but felt it best to test given how many folks we’d been around.

Photos from days 15 through 17 of my trip are here


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