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Shoes I Did Not Buy

December 17, 2018

I’m still going through the photos I took during my travels in November, but I’ve gotten far enough to complete another episode in the continuing series “Things I Held in My Hands but Did Not Buy”, this time featuring shoes. I took a break from the road at a strip mall that had a Nordstrom Rack and a DSW (along with an Ulta and a Five Below, so basically designed to pull me off the highway). In the past, I have found great deals on shoes I wear often at both places (though not at this particular mall), but this time I left empty handed after seeing some appealing pairs.

There were these Tory Burch pumps with a woven upper and a very interesting heel, which not only had a two-toned wood mosaic pattern (very quilt-like) but was also shaped like the letter C (open end toward the front of the foot), which is not something I have in my shoe collection. Besides being impractical for my current lifestyle, these were too big and too expensive.

Tory Burch with interesting heel

I also like these Tory Burch spectator-esque pumps with a chunky cylindrical heel (apparently the style is called Cambridge, though the price tag just said Navy Sea/Ivory. These might have fit (they were a half size bigger than I usually wear though I don’t usually wear Tory Burch), but I did not try them on because I knew I couldn’t afford them, even marked down at Nordstrom Rack.

Tory Burch with column heel


Finally there were these silver holographic flowered slides at DSW which I thought very hard about. They were much less expensive and much more practical (well, less impractical anyway) than the pumps above, but the fit was just off enough that I thought they might be uncomfortable when worn for more than a short time, and where I wanted to wear them was all day at a nail polish con. So they stayed in the store, too.

Silver holo slide

If I didn’t already have an excess of impractical shoes in my collection, I might have been more tempted by these, but I’m happy just have seen them and held them and had some moments dreaming about where I might wear them if I didn’t live in hiking shoes or ski boots most of the time.


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One Comment
  1. Mellie Says:

    I like the first pair best! I used to love shoes with a clunky kind of heel. Sadly, after having vein surgery I cannot wear heels of any height now.

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