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A Week in Photos: 2023, Part 50

December 19, 2023

Monday, December 11: Walked to the village to get the mail and was not at all heartened by the water running along the side of the road. Sounded more like spring than the start of winter.

Snow bisected by  dark slash of water running over dirt and rocks going from upper left to lower right.


Tuesday, December 12: I put an orange slipcover on the couch to brighten things up (and made gluten-free biscuits despite not wanting or needing gluten-free in my biscuits). If one sits on that couch, one can see this wooden nativity set on the other side of the room. It’s another of the items Mr. Karen and I got from the divvying up of Joan’s Christmas things over the Thanksgiving holiday week. He remembers playing with these as a boy.

Nativity figures carved from wood arranged on a round wooden shelf.


Wednesday, December 13: Walked to the village after dark. This view of our Christmas lights greeting us on our return home didn’t make it into the entry about the walk but I do like it, so here it is.

Looking up at a snow covered balcony with multicolored Christmas lights wound around the top railing.

Thursday, December 14: I went skiing for the first time in what felt like forever. On the walk there, saw this ice sculpture made by nature where one of the culverts was releasing some of the snow melt. Pretty but not what I want to see this time of year.

Ice covered branches in front of a dark hole where water is flowing. Branches are surrounded snow.

Friday, December 15: Went down to the city to meet up with friends. Saw this rainbow Christmas tree in a store we went to.

Retail store with paintings displayed high on the wall, a mannequin wearing a green sweater and black and green flame print skirt, miscellaneous merchandise, and a rainbow artificial Christmas tree. The bright colors spiral around the tree.

Saturday, December 16: Happened to be driving down to town at the right time to catch this view from a pullout on the mountain road. I wasn’t the only one stopped there to enjoy it.

Landscape with view from a mountain across a valley with clouds blanketing the lake at the bottom and snow-capped mountains across the way in the distance. There's a pink glow at the right side of the horizon from the sunset.

Sunday, December 17: Spent a lazy day at home. Enjoyed looking out the front windows from time to time at the clear view of the Cabinet mountains across the valley.

Looking out a window and across a snow covered street to snow capped mountains in the distance.



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