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Step Out of Your Vehicle

December 19, 2004

Yesterday I saw something I’d never seen in real life before. Driving to Nia, I pulled up to an intersection and saw that oncoming traffic was blocked, one lane by a dark green SUV and the police cruiser behind it, and the other by a second police cruiser that had pulled up beside the SUV and angled a little in front of it. Now of course I’ve seen traffic stops involving two police cars before; I myself was once the perp involved, though I’m still convinced that was because someone else with a yellow Mustang was doing suspicious things in Oakland County. Once the first officer had taken a look at me and shined his flashlight over the back seat to see only a Kleenex box and a sunshade for the windshield, he walked back to the other officer and sent him away. After he checked my record, he decided I was an upstanding enough citizen to let me go without adding any points to my license.

So yeah, two police cars with flashing lights, no big deal. It wasn’t until the light changed and we started to move that Erica and I noticed the gun. One of the officers was standing next to her vehicle, both arms outstretched over the roof of it in the direction of the SUV and at the end of them was her gun. Well. That’s different. I was glad to keep moving along at that point. Erica and I certainly didn’t lack for conversation the rest of the way to class, what with the “wow, a gun; you don’t see that every day” exchange and speculation about the situation. Erica thought that it was either a stolen vehicle or drugs were involved, maybe both. By the time we passed that spot on the way home, there was no sign of any trouble, so we decided that meant the situation had ended peacefully, since a shooting investigation would probably take longer than a Nia class.


One year ago, I was saying good-bye to my old office. We’re already starting to outgrow the new building, but rather than moving everyone again, it seems likely we’ll get space in a second location. Purple Systems is growing up.

Two years ago, it was all about blood. I am so happy I don’t have to deal with that any more. Now I rarely even need a panty liner, and that’s only because I kept my cervix despite my doctor’s designs on removing it

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