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Jinxed It

December 19, 2018

As of last night, I thought that the thing that might keep us from heading home today was the weather, specifically the weather on the pass between here and there. Nope. The thing that kept us here was a call from Kathy before we were quite awake, saying Joan’s doctor had called and based on the results of the tests they did yesterday, we needed to take her to the ER. Like right then. So we got up and went, though since Kathy had a head start, having been on the road to work when she got the call, we met them at the hospital rather than going to Joan’s apartment to get her. They had just gotten there when we arrived. Joan was triaged quickly and taken right back to a room in the ER from there. Mr. K and Kathy took turns sitting with her (one visitor at a time was the posted rule) while I sat with our coats and purses in the waiting room. Which wasn’t so bad, as a man arrived with his dog and she was super cute and since his case wasn’t as urgent, he and the dog came back to the waiting room after being called back to triage so I got to see her being adorable for quite a while.

ER dog


The main test result that got Joan sent to ER was a very low hemoglobin reading. She got one unit of blood in the ER, then another after she was admitted and sent up to a room. Now it’s all about more testing and waiting for a diagnosis and longer term treatment plan. She’s stable and in good hands, and in pretty good spirits, but I’m not going to make any predictions about our trip home at this point.


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