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Archive for December 9th, 2023

Breaking the Fast

December 9, 2023

Most days I have cereal or yogurt and granola for breakfast. Saturdays, though, are a free for all. Depending on what we have on hand and how we feel, we might eat steel cut oats or eggs or pancakes or French toast. On one of his trips this year, Mr. Karen picked up a waffle maker for $5 at a thrift store, so waffles have entered the rotation as well. This morning, we tried something new: savory waffles. I used this recipe, substituting cheddar jack cheese for the white cheddar. Because it said it made 8 to 10 waffles, I halved the recipe, figuring our waffle maker was a pretty usual size and there are only two of us and 4 to 5 waffles is too many for me to eat at one sitting. That turned out to be a mistake. There was barely enough batter for what I consider two waffles, but perhaps others would call that eight, with each major division being one waffle? Anyway, here’s my portion, topped with the dill yogurt sauce also from the same article.

Round-ish waffle with an irregular edge and an open circle of white sauce on top of it, sitting on a white plate with dark green decoration on the edge. A bowl of the white sauce is partially showing in the upper left


These tasted good, and are certainly a painless way to eat broccoli, but next time I’ll make a full recipe. Because we were still hungry, Mr. Karen made conventional waffles for dessert. I had mine with the syrup he got me at a Polish grocery store, also during his travels this past year. Near as I can make out, it’s a dietary supplement with vitamin C, so probably pretty good for me.

Closeup of label on a syrup bottle, written in polish.


What will next Saturday hold? Who knows. If the snow is good, might be something quick, though unless it’s very good, I won’t be skiing, as I saved some bucks getting a Sunday through Friday annual pass for the mountain, figuring even if I bought a couple day tickets to supplement it, I’d still be coming out ahead.


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