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Ceramic is Better than No Tree at All

December 9, 2019

After we got back from our extended Thanksgiving weekend trip I went to the studio (what I call the place we rent in town for storage and hobby stuff that requires more space than we have in our condo) and dug out our Christmas boxes and brought them back up with me. So far, all the decorating we’ve managed to do is setting up the ceramic Christmas tree we added to our collection last year. I’m still delighted by the handful of bird-shaped pegs.

Red bird


Holy family


We do plan on putting up our big tree, too, just haven’t made the time to do that yet. Maybe tomorrow night (tonight I’m going down to the city for my ladies’ group monthly dinner, which I manage to attend about six months a year).


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One Comment
  1. Mellie Says:

    Pretty! I don’t think I have ever seen a ceramic tree with birds like that before.

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