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The Yarn That Knits to Fit

December 27, 2020

In this installment of “Mom Thing I’m Keeping For Now”, I have a knitting booklet from 1959 featuring Vita-Spun yarn.

Knitting booklet for Vita-Spun yarn


According to the ad on the inside front cover, this yarn “does things no other knitting yarn has ever done before”. It’s a 93% wool, 7% textured nylon blend that stretches and springs back.

Knitting booklet for Vita-Spun yarn


There are a dozen or so projects packed into the 30 pages of this booklet, with father/son or mother/daughter variations for a few of them. This dolman sleeve cardigan is the most fashionable in my eyes.

Knitting booklet for Vita-Spun yarn


I’m not sure if my mom ever made any of these patterns. Nor am I sure why she saved this particular booklet; maybe because most of the patterns are classics so she thought she might be able to use them someday. (I get that.) I’d think about making something from it, but given when it’s from, the sizes are not inclusive (the largest woman’s size is for a bust ten inches smaller than mine). There is a pair of mittens I’d probably fit in; perhaps I’ll try those (not that I wear wool mittens much but I could start).


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One Comment
  1. Denise Says:

    Hi Karen! I forgot that you don’t send out notices for December Daillies, and got worried when I realized I hadn’t heard from you in a while. But now I am all caught up on your entries and would like to wish you the happiest of New Years (we need a better one).

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