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December 27, 2017

Updating the previous years’ links, I saw that one year ago today I shared my first venture into yogurt making (yep, that wonderful Instant Pot was my enabler). Coincidentally, this morning I put my latest batch into containers. Making yogurt wasn’t a “one and done” like some other things I’ve tried making. It’s something routine now. I don’t use cheesecloth for straining anymore but rather coffee filters thanks to a tip from an internet friend. I bought an industrial sized pack and quite possibly have a lifetime supply … I just wish I’d been able to find the really big filters like I saw in a hotel breakfast area once. I still haven’t managed to make the labne of my dreams, which I suspect is entirely due to my lack of patience. Perhaps I will make that a goal for 2018.

Yogurt is just a thing I make now



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  1. Mary Says:

    Hmm. I should give that a try!

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