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For My Viewing Confusion

December 26, 2020

There was a free preview of DogTV on our satellite provider over this Christmas holiday, which we discovered when Mr. K was clearing messages off the system. He tuned to it because it was good for a few minutes of entertainment the last time this happened. There were scenes with a dog sitting in front of a fire while a person sat in a chair nearby. There were scenes with a dog being petted. There were scenes of dogs playing. Then there was this (the tiny lights are reflections of our Christmas tree):

tv screen with image of ice and fire


I was confused. I have no idea what a dog would think. Is that two clips being played at once? Some allusion to the Song of Ice and Fire because dogs are just now getting into Game of Thrones? A secret message to canines everywhere that only they can understand? I watched a while longer and never saw another scene like this one (though there was some obvious green screen stuff going on in some cases).


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