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December 27, 2019



Starting Christmas Eve and finishing Christmas evening, Mr. K and I put together a jigsaw puzzle, seen above after our first session (it took three overall). It wasn’t the one we’d put under the tree from our recent trip, but one we’d gotten on our previous trip to Disneyland during the 60th anniversary celebration. Because I have anxiety brain, I stressed myself out during the initial stages, when we were first sorting the pieces, pulling the edge ones aside and making sections by color (or lack thereof). The table wasn’t big enough and I didn’t know what our plan was and on and on. I calmed down after I got a tv tray table to use for some of the pieces that looked like the were for sections we weren’t working on (and once we got some borders established, though we didn’t try to do the whole edge at first since those pieces were all blue, some with parts of stars or dots on them but nothing that really helped one figure out where they went. I started on the color side and Mr. started on the black and white and grey side, which meant I was able to make faster progress because those pieces were generally more distinctive (we switched off later). I enjoyed seeing the picture emerge and just sitting and chatting and listening to music. Now it’s been on the table, finished, for a couple days and I’m wondering what to do with it. Take it apart and put it back in the box, yes, but then what? Put it away until we forget we did it once? Donate it? That’s the puzzling part.


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  1. Mellie Says:

    I used to love putting puzzles together. My Dad and I did so many over the years. I never knew what to do with them afterwards either. I hated to undo all that work, but it’s not convenient to have a puzzle sitting around either.

  2. John S Says:

    Sounds familiar! My wife brought out a 2000-piece puzzle before Christmas and we’re still muddling through it. My wife seems pretty stressed out about it too. 😀

  3. Theresa B (nebulopathy) Says:

    I used to do puzzles, but the last one I did (2000 pieces) took me so long that Effing Scooter the cat peed on it and the Molly the dog ate one of the pieces. Those two pets are gone now, but I haven’t gotten back into it yet.

  4. Denise Says:

    Just saw someone posting about a puzzle swap on Facebook. Or maybe it was Next Door?

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