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Archive for December 11th, 2019

A Lot Like Christmas

December 11, 2019

Mr. K and I put up our big Christmas tree last night. It’s the same prelit artificial tree we’ve had since my mom decided we needed it for our condo here, with ornaments chosen from the same assortment we’ve had since we moved out here, so it looks pretty similar to how it did the last time we set it up two years ago (we didn’t have a big tree last year).

Christmas tree, 2019


The biggest difference this year is the topper; Mr. K decided he didn’t like the white lights so colored most of them red. He would have done all of them, but I asked that he leave those white.

Colorized star


We don’t do Christmas presents for each other any more, preferring to focus on relaxing and enjoying other aspects of the holiday, but we did put two things we bought at Disney under the tree because we hadn’t opened their packages yet. Maybe we’ll do the jigsaw puzzle while watching Christmas specials.


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