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New Year, New Decade

January 1, 2020

The 2010s were rather eventful for me. Mr. K and I retired and moved from an urban/suburban lifestyle in the Great Lakes region to a much more rural one in the Inland Northwest. My mom died, and my brother and I cleaned out and sold her house. I totalled my car (and got sued in the bargain, though the insurance company has been handling that and doesn’t think any award will exceed our coverage). Mr. K’s mom moved into a continuing care facility and I helped him clean out and sell her condo and arrange to move her household goods across the country. I’m hoping for fewer stressors in the 2020s. We shall see.

I thought about doing a goal check-in for 2019 and setting some new targets for 2020 today, but I’m going to let that wait a bit. Today I’m enjoying basking in another Holidailies completed. Happy New Year to all of you reading and all of you keeping the flame of personal journaling online burning.


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