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Archive for December 27th, 2023

A Tale of Two Tides

December 27, 2023

Laundry is one of my household tasks (Mr. K has dishes, so we each have a thing to do that piles up if we don’t keep after it). I am old fashioned and do separate loads for different things. Clothes get sorted into lights, brights, darks, and sport fabrics. Towels are done on their own in light and other loads. Sheets, because they can’t be trusted not to grab towels in the dryer, resulting in a damp crumpled ball when the cycle ends, are on their own as well.

Most of these get washed using the same detergent, but I do have one made for darks for that load and one for odor for the sport fabrics (polypro base layers, ski socks, fleece, and such, and sometimes I do a towel load in that if they seem musty). When we lived in Michigan and there was an REI store on my way home from work, I used a sport wash for the technical fabrics. Since we’ve lived in Idaho, I’ve been experimenting with other things that I can get at local stores (there is an REI in Spokane, but I usually am driving by it after it’s closed for the day since I mostly go down there in the evenings when my friends there aren’t working and can hang out). Right now I have two bottles of Tide for the purpose.

The one on the right below, Tide Febreze Sport Odor Eliminator, came from Fred Meyer, which isn’t exactly local, what with being an hour plus away, but it is usually open when I go by. I liked that one and wanted to get another when it got low, but I couldn’t find it, so bought the closest thing I could see, the Tide Ultra with Oxi Odor Eliminators. This new one, I do not like. Instead of what I perceive as a light fresh scent that the Febreze one had, the Oxi one leaves a strong smell that to my nose (and Mr. K’s) leans slightly toward ammonia, which can give the impression of old pee, which is the opposite effect I’m going for. I’ve been diluting it more and more with my regular detergent and definitely won’t be buying it again. May be time to just suck it up and pay for shipping of the Sport Fresh stuff I was using in Michigan, if I can find it online.

Two bottles of Tide laundry detergent. One on left is Tide Ultra with Oxi Odor Eliminators. One on right, slightly smaller, is Tide Febreze Sport Odor Defense.



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