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Archive for December 24th, 2023

Hot Chocolate and Cookies or Salad?

December 24, 2023

This is prime time for me to be working on the holiday pictures in the Happy Color app, with more showing up every day. Among the ones I colored today were the only two which said “Christmas Eve” on them, both bonuses from prior years. The first one was filled with classic imagery: a gift, ornaments, cookies for Santa, and hot chocolate with a candy cane stuck in it.

Screenshot from the Happy Color coloring book app. Focal point is a mug of hot chocolate topped with mini marshmallow, cinnamon sticks, and a candy cane.


The second had what appeared to be a grandfather and grandson working on assembling a something to eat. There are candy canes, yes, but also lettuce and fruit. After a quick internet search, I’ve decided they’re making ensalada nochebuena, which is apparently a Christmas Eve tradition in Mexico. Add that to the list of things I wouldn’t have heard of without the Happy Color app.

Screenshot from the Happy Color coloring book app. An older man with grey hair and mustache stands next to a boy wearing a red and yellow sweater. The table in front of them has the makings for a salad, plus some candy canes.


As of right now, I have way more holiday pictures started than I’ll be able to finish tomorrow, so it’s going to be at least a twelve days of Christmas kind of thing. I haven’t seen any Kwanzaa pictures show up yet, so those will have to be factored in once they start appearing. then there’ll be New Year’s and Orthodox Christmas and Chinese New Year (and maybe others). I might get caught up by the time Valentine’s images begin popping into the app.


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